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Software and Vocal Analysis


Software and Vocal Analysis

Software for sonograms, spectrograms, formants, overtones manipulation. How is important the electronic process in your music?

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Software and Vocal Analysis

We can share software links, documents, news, and tell about our experience with samples, manipulations and other, several kinds of microphones, software and hardware synths, samplers, personal computers, ...

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Audacity - sound examples by using Audacity 3 Replies

Once again, thanks a lot - Marco -  for this list of free software. I am learning how to use some of the effects by…Continue

Tags: free studio, dvdvideosoft, software, free, audacity

Started by Jens Mügge. Last reply by Jens Mügge Dec 22, 2010.

New book: Resonance in Singing 3 Replies

I have just been to the Voice Symposium conference in Salzburg, where I got the new book Resonance in Singing by Donald Miller,…Continue

Started by Bodo Maass. Last reply by Sol Herrera Mar 2, 2009.

VTDemo 2 Replies

This is a nice software to understand the effects of Vocal Tract in our voical timbre.Sorry but the link button is OFF, so...here a my video about it:…Continue

Started by Marco Tonini. Last reply by Marco Tonini Feb 20, 2009.

Livid Looper

Thanks to our friend Seralf I have tried Livid Looper, an open source…Continue

Started by Marco Tonini Sep 27, 2008.

Formant Synthesis Demo

Very very nice this no-install application.It shows the relation between formants and vowels, with the possibility to change pitch, source wave, shape, bandwidht.For win, linux and mac.From the…Continue

Started by Marco Tonini Jul 23, 2008.

Software that I use, and how: harmonics and resonance

So, to fix the features of a timbre we can consider the current harmonics, but these are inadequate informations.We must consider the envelop ADSR, especially attack kind, harmonics development in…Continue

Started by Marco Tonini Jul 16, 2008.

Free or Open Source audio-software 10 Replies

Visiting many sites and blogs, I have discovered many software.Here a little link list - click pictures to enlarge:Audacity - It is free, open source…Continue

Started by Marco Tonini. Last reply by Jens Mügge Jul 14, 2008.

Software that I use, and how: harmonics and FFT 2 Replies

Look at this:It is 1 second of…Continue

Started by Marco Tonini. Last reply by Marco Tonini Jul 5, 2008.

Another free software list

From UCL DEPT OF PHONETICS & LINGUISTICSThere are others very nice software for Win in this site.It is not necessary that I copy and paste their…Continue

Started by Marco Tonini Jul 5, 2008.

Software that I use, and how: INTRO 7 Replies

I show my way to work with formants and overtones.Before I need to explain the A B C of formantic theory and classic theory of harmonics because can be somebody that doesn't know them, but I wouldn't…Continue

Started by Marco Tonini. Last reply by Lorenzo Melodioso Jul 4, 2008.

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Comment by Henry Lowengard on September 4, 2014 at 5:12pm

I'm checking into this sleepy forum to tell you about some software that runs on iOs devices. It's great to have tools like this in your pocket!
There are a number of real-time spectrogram programs you can look at for your iPhone or iPad , just search for Spectrogram and you'll find a few. I like Spectral EyePro because it lays out the spectrum in a logarithmic spiral, which just happens to be the same way I visualize intervals in my program Droneo.
Droneo is a drone synthesizer which lets you specify eight simultaneous droning voices. The pitch of each voice is made from a interval over a shared base pitch. These intervals can be specified in cents, as just ratios, or as degrees of equal divisions of other intervals. It itself has a number of timbres, including timbres that change their harmonic content randomly over time. It fits in well with this community of overtone singers and players. It was featured in Pauline Oliveros' Droniphonia (2009). Take a peek: Droneo Website

Comment by Jens Mügge on January 5, 2010 at 4:50pm
I heard that Bodo Maass is working on a Mac version of the Overtone Analyzer. Maybe you ask him ...
Comment by Nicolas MOREAU on January 5, 2010 at 2:14pm
hello all, do you know a program like Overtone Analyzer but for Mac ? I do not have Windows and i'm interested in a such software. Thank you !
Comment by Jens Mügge on February 20, 2009 at 6:16pm
@ Marco, thanks for your great work and contributions here in this group!
Comment by Marco Tonini on December 24, 2008 at 11:57am
@ David Hykes

Hi David, I wrote to you an email three weeks ago, but is gmail.org a right address?
Comment by David Hykes on November 10, 2008 at 6:52pm
HARMONIC VISION 1.8.1 software program, 1998-2008. We announce completion of our latest version of this Macintosh/Max Runtime-based audiovisualization program which tracks notes, harmonics 1-32, with advance coloration and shaping of cymatics forms and interaction of harmonics 1-12, and other key features used in my Harmonic Vision compositions. For information, contact harmonicvision@gmail.org
Comment by Marco Tonini on September 21, 2008 at 1:31pm
Hi Sol,
sorry but I see your comment only now. This is not the right place to ask something because here there is not a feedback control, so we cannot know when people write a comment. You must write as a reply on a forum above, then you can click on the FOLLOW ME button, so you will receive a email when people will answer to you.
I don' use EGG. It can be a very important tool, but for me it si not necessary. If you want try it with a little fee you can buy the complete set of Vocevista, 50 euro for book (with a good explanation about EGG)+software and 700/800 euro for EGG.

To opera singer I suggest Overtone Analyzer and Adobe Audition.
For free I suggest a software that allow you to see sonogram and spectrogram in real time, like Visual Analyzer.
Can be, in the future, there will be an "Overtone Analyzer" free demo version.

Comment by Sol Herrera on September 11, 2008 at 9:33am
Hi, Marco.

I've been seeing the software lists and it refreshed the beat knowledge I acquared in University Music School (UNAM) mainly.
Although my teacher is not specialized in singing voice, he studied his PH Degree in Acoustic at Dept of Speech, Music and Hearing at KTH, Sweden.

That's why I wish ask you some tutorials about the electroglottografh non invasive uses, becouse VOCEVISTA package does not includes the EEG.
By other way, is affordable to get EEG by themselves, but must know wich friendly softwares use with, even with
interface for clinical voice analyses.

The aim I'm looking for is the behavoir and re-education of vocal folds.
Would you give me some guidance about the best way to acquire the EGG set, without caring the model?

Thank you
Best regards
Comment by Marco Tonini on July 4, 2008 at 6:09am
Comment by Filip Rydlo on July 3, 2008 at 10:46pm
If I create group "International overtone numbering" to discuss an international overtone numbering system who of You would join? :)

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