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The sensitive and responsible handling of personal data of all users is a matter of utmost importance for Overtone Music Network. All privacy and information protection laws and regulations are being closely followed by Overtone Music Network. These regulations include especially the data protection legal mandate of the Telemedia-law (TMG), the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG), the data protection legal mandate of the telecommunications law (§§ 85 ff. TKG) and the legal regulations on EU-level. The following data protection declaration includes information about how the security and privacy of all personal data with Overtone Music Network is being provided in accordance with the current legal mandates.

1. Personal Data
1.1 necessary information during sign-up
Overtone Music Network is a social network. Like any network between people, Overtone Music Network is also based on the principle that its users share with other users information about themselves within certain limits, which is true and accurate. Only in this way can a network like Overtone Music Network function sensibly. Therefore are all users asked upon registration to provide the following minimum of information about themselves: Username e-mail address password and password confirmation ZIP/Postal Code Home Town (not the complete address) Of these, only the following will be made available to other users: First and last name Gender All remaining data, i.e. the e-mail address and the password, are being exclusively used for administrative purposes by Overtone Music Network. The password of course stays confidential and encrypted.

1.2 voluntary admissions
Beyond the aforementioned exist numerous possibilites to publish within the various departments on Overtone Music Network further information about oneself (e.g. hobbies, interests, etc.). These admissions are not required, but are useful to make contact with other users. Every user decides independently and using their own judgement which pieces of information about themselves they wish to make publicly available and which they do not.

1.3 "Sphere of Personal Privacy"
By utilizing the settings in the category "Sphere of Personal Privacy" the possibility exists to make certain information available only to certain groups of users.


2. Assigned purpose
2.1 The elicitation, archiving, processing and use of aforementioned personal data by Overtone Music Network occurs according to the legal guidelines (especially §§ 12 ff. TMG und §§ 28, 29 ff. BDSG).
2.2 Overtone Music Network uses the elicited data for the following purposes, while not all of data may actually be used for all purposes: * The information entered by the user upon registration is merely used by Overtone Music Network to establish and maintain a membership relationship. * The data provided while using Overtone Music Network is being used by Overtone Music Network to enable Overtone Music Network to provide its services. I agree that Overtone Music Network will send me notifications and messages to the upon registration provided e-mail address. In case I do no longer wish to receive e-mails or messages over the internal messaging services, I may revoke the right to use my information for these purposes at any time. This request may be submitted to the appropriate contacts listed within the impressum via e-mail, fax or mail.


3. No third-party access to data
Overtone Music Network does not share user-related or personal information with third parties, unless the user has given prior express permission or there exists a legal obligation to share such information. If the user has given permission to share information, the permission may be revoked at any time via e-mail, fax or mail.



4. Cookies
Cookies are small text files which are either stored temporarily within the computer's memory or are written to its hard disk for ("session cookie" or "permanent cookie"). Session Cookies are not saved to the user's hard disk, but expire when the browser is closed automatically. By setting cookies, users are assigned anonymous user IDs, but no programs are ever executed on the user's computer or viruses ever transmitted.
Overtone Music Network uses cookies to authenticate users' identities during login. The use of cookies serves the purpose of facilitating smooth operation of and improving of the services offered on Overtone Music Network.
Every user has free choice whether to always accept cookies, be prompted each time a cookie is being set or to disallow all cookies by using their own browser's settings. Overtone Music Network would like to point out that accepting an offer from Overtone Music Network becomes impossible when cookies are disallowed.
I agree that Overtone Music Network may set cookies for the purpose of eliciting, processing and use of user information. Through the use of cookies login may be facilitated, a personalized greeting may be implemented or applications that are a good fit for me may be made available.



5. Server Log Files
Each time a page is requested by a user, this user's browser transmits access information that is automatically stored in so-called server log files by Overtone Music Network. This data (e.g. IP addresses), Overtone Music Network can not easily assign to specific users. A cross-reference of these data and other data sources, especially the personal user information database, is not being undertaken.
Overtone Music Network keeps so-called backups for security against data-loss which are being over-written about every 4 weeks and thusly permanently deleted. If these backups contain server log files then they will also be deleted. In case of a complete deletion of a user's profile, also the server log files will be deleted. The server log files contain the following information: IP-address, by which the computer (not the user) may be identified; remote host (name and IP-address of the computer requesting the page); time of day; status; amount of transferred data; internet page from which the user is referred to the requested page; product and version information of the browser (user agent). Overtone Music Network utilises the standardized "combined" log file format of the Apache web server. Overtone Music Network reserves the right to check the log files after the fact against last known IP addresses of such Overtone Music Network members, who are under suspision of using the pages and/or services of Overtone Music Network in a manner that violates the user agreement or the law, if there is concrete evidence that such transgressions have indeed taken place. This measure is intended for the protection of Overtone Music Network members, the security of members' personal information as well as the content and services provided by Overtone Music Network.
I agree that the data which is automatically elicited by each access to the network will be retained in server log files for a maximum of 6 months.



6. Data security (firewall, antivirus technology, etc.)
The perpetually self-updating firewalls and other security measures of Overtone Music Network are intended to protect the user as much as possible from attacks by viruses and unauthorized access by others to accounts and personal information. Overtone Music Network obligates itself to maintain an appropriate level of security and to ensure that such measures are up to date with the current state of technological development. At the same time, the user should be aware that due to the nature of constantly changing viruses and other harmful software intended to attack unsecured systems and internet services, security can obviously not be 100% guaranteed. Overtone Music Network is not responsible for protection against viruses outside of the network. Overtone Music Network can also not be held responsible for damage or loss of data through unknown viruses or other attacks. Overtone Music Network will prosecute any person perpetrating such attacks against the network to the full extent of the laws applicable.



7. Information
Every user has the right, without cost to the user, to receive information regarding the personal data Overtone Music Network retains about them. The inquiry is to be directed at Overtone Music Network in writing and we request that it is accompanied by a notarized copy of the user's valid picture identification. The requested information will be mailed to the address contained on the picture ID.



8. Correction, deletion and blocking
8.1 So long as the user modifies or corrects his or her own information and thusly deletes or overwrites old information, this old data is thereby automatically completely deleted. A separate request for deletion or correction of data is not required.
8.2 Nevertheless, each user has the right to demand correction of inaccurate data pertaining to his or her person that are being retained by Overtone Music Network. The easiest way to do this however, is for the user to edit his or her own information.
8.3 So long as the user deletes their account information and profile permanently and ends his or her membership with Overtone Music Network, all previously retained data will be automatically permanently deleted as well. No request to do so is required.
8.4 Nevertheless, each user has the right to demand correction of all data pertaining to his or her person that are being retained by Overtone Music Network. The easiest way to do this however, is for the user to delete his or her own information.
8.5 If the user demands correction, alteration or deletion of his or her personal data, a request may be sent via e-mail, fax or letter mail. For speedy and accurate completion of the request, the following information must be included:

  • name, first name
  • e-mail address
  • password
  • mailing address

Identification by means of photocopy of valid passport or othe picture ID.
8.6 Overtone Music Network wishes to point out that even deleted data may appear still available for a period of 24 hours due to caching systems and interchanges and proxy servers and may still be accessed that way. Image files may be available for a longer period than that.



9. Implementation and maintaining of this declaration
Overtone Music Network obligates itself to maintain all clauses contained herein and to endeavor to update and improve the methods employed to implement these protective measures in the interest of the user of Overtone Music Network.
Overtone Music Network values the trust of its users. Therefore we would like to remain available to its users regarding inquiries into data retention, protection and privacy of information. In the case of there still being questions which are not addressed by this declaration or to obtain more in-depth information about a specific subject, please contact the appropriate addressee contained within the impressum.



10. Alteration of the data protection declaration
10.1 Overtone Music Network is now and will in the future endeavor to improve its offers. Changes to these offers may in isolated cases also warrant alterations to this declaration. Possible changes to the laws and/or regulations pertaining to the content of this declaration may also prompt alteration to the declaration. The most up-to-date version of the data protection declaration and other information can be viewed at any time on the Overtone Music Network home page.
10.2 Should Overtone Music Network become aware of loopholes within this declaration after the fact or should changes to the offers by Overtone Music Network warrant a change to the declaration, Overtone Music Network reserves the right to amend the declaration at any time. Overtone Music Network will inform all users of any and all changes to these regulations via e-mail to the e-mail address provided by each user during registration.



11. Information regarding google analytics
This web site utilizes google analytics for statistical purposes. Google analytics is a web analysis service by google inc. which uses cookies that enable analysis of web site use. The information elicited by the cookies regarding the user's use of this web site (including the user's IP address) is being transferred to one of google's servers in the USA and retained there. Google then uses this information to evaluate the use of this web site in order to compile web site activity reports for the providers of Overtone Music Network's services so that they may change, amend or improve the services they provide to their users. Google occasionally shares this information with third parties, so long as these parties are acting as agents of google inc. or where google is legally obligated to share such data. Google will in no way cross-reference your IP address with any other data of google's. The user may prohibit the use of such cookies by way of the user's browser controls, but should be aware that such limitations may prohibit the user in turn to take full advantage of all functions of this web site. By using this web site, the user accepts these practices and agrees to the aforementioned use by google of anonymous user statistical data.



Copyright and Trademarks
The operator of Overtone Music Network strives to obey all copyright and trademark laws in all aspects of publishing images, graphics, audio, video and text documents. Members are free to use and publicize self-created images, graphics, audio, video and texts in this community. Members are themselves responsible for their content and should a case of copyright or trademark infringement arise, we will check the files in question immediately and will remove the content without special notification to the user. The member may be excluded from the online community of Overtone Music Network if such infringements warrant such action.
All within these internet services named and perhaps by third parties protected brands and trademarks fall under jurisdiction of the appropriate copyright laws and the ownership regulations of their respective owners. The mere mention thereof does not preclude the possibility that trademarks are protected under rights of third parties. Information and other content (text, graphics, etc.) are not allowed to be copied, reproduced or otherwise used for any purpose, neither in whole or in parts, without the prior consent of the members or operators of the Overtone Music Network.




Information Protection
Overtone Music Network retains and uses information about the interaction of users of this web site for statistical purposes. So long as the possibility exists within this internet service to enter personal or business data (e-mail addresses, names, mailing addresses), then the publication of these data occurs only at the voluntary discretion of the user. The utilization of and compensation for any offered services is - so long as it is technically possible and reasonable - possible without input of such personal data or using pseudonyms or anonymous data instead. Bots und Advertisements (Spam)
The use of this service with automated systems (robots, macros, etc.) or the exploitation of offered services (forum, blog, mail, etc.) for the purpose of commercial advertising or spamming is strictly prohibited and will lead to the automatic blocking of from the community of the Overtone Music Network. The use of the information available within this internet service by third parties, in particular contact information like mailing addresses, telephone and fax numbers, as well as e-mail addresses, especially for the transmission of unsolicited information, is not permitted. Legal steps against the disseminators of so-called spam mail can and may be taken.
The disregard of these conditions may result in the user being barred from all online services and potential blocking from future access. Furthermore is there no claim for reimbursement or damages.

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