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We want to create an OMN Showcase about our artistic works. People in the world will be able to download our virtual CD, with cover package, for free.

Compilation "Female Overtones"

I'm thinking to produce a compilation involving female overtone singers in OMN, I will contact some of them and I will attend they (if affected) contact me.
My concept: only voice or voice + few instruments.

DEADLINE: 2009, 15 November

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    Jens Mügge

    Congratulations for your good hard work! ... and a happy new year, Marco!
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    Marco Tonini

    Thanks Jens,
    I was writing to you a private message.
    Now I write a private message to all Female Compilation composers with some explanations.
    Happy new year to you too Jens!
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    Claudia Helena Alvarenga

    Claudia Helena Alvarenga

    Marco Tonini said:
    at the moment we have

    Barbara L├╝bben
    Anna Maria Hefele
    Papa Jeah

    Next 15 November = deadline for entering

    Next days other news!