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I'm an orchestra and choir opera conductor, but I prefer to analyze vocal formants, sonogram and spectrogram. My workshops are instructions about formantic analysis of overtone singing and opera singing by audio software. I work for disabled children in public secondary school since 1997.

For my compositions I use my voice and my vocal samples (sometimes some whale and dolphin samples).

Sometimes I think that my music is no natural, because I also use my voice digitally processed by software. Ok, I use time streching, reverbs and many filters only.

But I love work with my overtones and process them.
As a band we are:
only me, maybe some friends in the future
voice, audio software.
all and anyone

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  • Nicholas

    thanks for the warm welcome!
  • Javier Nahum

    thank you very much! is a pleasure to meet you! I hope we're in touch!

  • Stuart Hinds

    Hi Marco. I am just listening to your Vox Mentis - fantastic!