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Musical combinatorics with groups of three tones:
prime- perfect fifth- octave (00:00);
prime- major third- perfect fifth (major triad, 00:32);
major second- perfect fourth- major sixth (minor triad, 01:03);
major seventh- major second- perfect fourth (diminished triad, 01:35);
prime- major second- major third (major trichord, 02:06);
major third- perfect fourth- perfect fifth (phrygian trichord, 02:38)
and finally major second- major third- perfect fourth (minor triad, 03:09).

Sepher Yetzirah:
"Two stones build 2 houses. Three stones build 6 houses. Four stones build 24 houses. Five stones build 120 houses. Six stones build 720 Houses. Seven stones build 5040 houses. From here on go out and calculate that which the mouth cannot speak and the ear cannot hear" (4, 16).

It is not so difficult to understand the structures and to realize that you hereby can practice some of the fundamentals of music. The important step is to take the structure and make it come alive in flesh by adapting it to your own tempo and utilizing the body to internalize it.
For the first group you may practice the sequence standing and slowly while you indicate the tonal pitch in front of yourself from crotch (prime) via chest (fifth) to face (octave). For the rest of the groups it may be an idea to use a 'finger piano': Let the root of your hands meet as well as your fingertips while keeping some open space between your palms. Now, while singing the sequence you simultaneously indicate the tones with your fingers: do/thumbs; re/index fingers; mi/middle fingers, fa/ring finger and so/little fingers.
When you feel confident with permutations of three tones you may proceed to groups of four, five or more.
More to be found (in danish!) at http://www.detspringendepunkt.net

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