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An attempt to develope a natural and intuitive graphic representation of the inherent structure of number based on factorization. Here from 1 to 16 presented with the corresponding tones from the harmonic series. The alienation to arithmetics - number theory - seems to reach new heights with the widespread doctrines of numerology which mildly spoken are naive and speculative. Nevertheless it is absolutely understandable that we feel an urge for a holistic approach to life by searching for correspondances between different areas of knowledge. But if without discrimination and reflection we sow our seeds, spread our equals signs with a light hand over fields of tonality, colour, astronomy, anatomys etc., the harvest will be poor: we will never reach a genuine and deep understanding.
A good place to begin the search for the foundations of a genuine holistic structure is the harmonic series, which incorporates and unites tonal frequencies, vowel sounds and number, i.e. music, phonetics and maths, three primary areas of knowledge, which are here reflected in a graphic structure.
It is not a 'number system' like our decimal system (based on the primes 2 and 5) or a sexigesimal system (primes 2,3 and 5), but an attempt to come close to the essence of the language inherent in the concept of numbers, a language of primes.and compounds - arithmethic (and musical) atoms and molecules.
The piano is not eqaully-tempered but tuned to the harmonic series which is basically the musical equivalent of counting: 1-2-3-4-5-6-...
Fundamental (no. 1)= 64 Hz, no. 2= 128 Hz, no. 3=192 Hz etc.
More to be found (in danish!) at: http://www.detspringendepunkt.net

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