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At 6:04pm on July 25, 2008, Steve Sklar said…
Wow. Awesome instruments, great organic sounds, fine singing. Very nice all around. Kudos!
At 5:03am on July 18, 2008, Dave Seidel said…
Hi Jan, thanks for the comments. Yes, the music I present here is all synthesized (using Csound). The instruments I play (bass and guitar) are good for many things, but not for what I'm trying to do in this realm.

Your piece "Orpheo's Angel" is very beautiful, first time I've heard that sort of counterpoint done using overtone singing. I would love you see and hear your metal work in performance one day.
At 10:24am on July 17, 2008, Radka Šindlerová said…
Lieber Jan,
ich werde mich freuen an unsere nächste Zusammentreffen. Vieleicht Weinachten? Das Festival in Juli war wunderschön, ich hoffe, dass auch Prag erlebt so viel schöne Energie.
Liebe Grüsse
At 1:43pm on June 27, 2008, Radka Šindlerová said…
Hallo Jan,
hast du wirklich keine Möglichkeit zu kommen? Stimmhorn kommt am 13.9.-wir bringen die Jungs mit dem Auto von und nach Dresden. Vielleicht würde es auch für dich gehen?
Liebe Grüsse
At 6:41am on June 27, 2008, Karen said…
Greetings Jan,

Beautiful! I love your sounds. I will come back and listen again. Thanks for your kind comment - I'm glad you like the gong music :) I'll be doing a new recording in the fall - I will keep you posted.

All the best,
At 5:10pm on June 5, 2008, Marco Tonini said…
Hi Jan,
thanks for your words.Your art is very deep. I prefer DER GARTEN...
At 7:02pm on May 22, 2008, Bruno Amstad said…
hallo jan
ich spiele am 23.01.09 in dresden im staatsschauspiel, mit asita hamidi, einer harfenistin aus iran. das dauert zwar noch eine zeit
aber wenn du magst kannst du dir das ja trotzdem vormerken, währ schön dich da zu treffen.
lieber gruss

At 10:52pm on May 21, 2008, Mike Edgerton said…
Hi Jan,
thanks! I went to your homepage - congratulations on the prize! Yes, well it could be a context. Hard to say. Kinda depends on what you and the other members could be interested in. If you'd care to try to explore this further, perhaps we should communicate via email? Mine is edgertonmichael@hotmail.com

Are you ever in Berlin?

At 5:16pm on May 21, 2008, Christian Bollmann said…
Hi Jan
thanks for your friendship and introducing your wonderful music.
Heavy metal light as a feather - slow and tender - high and low - joining heaven and earth your way. Colaboration could be interesting. - I do the Bad Schandau Fullmoonconcert on 18.6.08 with my partner Jutta. If you want to chilI in slow water - come and meet us there. All the best
hope to meeting you soon on this planet Christian Bollmann
At 1:32pm on May 21, 2008, Mike Edgerton said…
Hi Jan,
thank you very much for listening to my music and your nice feedback! Yes, well perhaps a project focusing on overtones could be a possibility given the right context. I have done a few pieces with overtones within, but nothing focused on them - aside from a piece from the mid-90s...
Let me know if you have an idea?

Greetings from Berlin!

all the best!
At 6:29pm on May 9, 2008, Detlef Sellenriek said…
Hallo Jan,
glaubst Du, es wäre möglich für Dich, auf dem Bad Essener Obertonfestival 2009 aufzutreten? Wie groß und schwer sind Deine Instrumente? Unser Steinbruch ist nicht groß, hat aber einen wunderbaren Klang.
At 10:01am on May 8, 2008, Anthar Kharana said…
Hello Jan!
Congratulations for your creativity, I'm really interested in your work and to know more about the logic of your instruments, just by looking at your photos I could just imagine how they may sound and it felt like when someone was giving us a strange toy when we were just little boys trying to find how to play with them! :o

hope to meet you soon :)

have a great sun,

At 5:23pm on April 28, 2008, Stuart Hinds said…
I am planning a trip to Germany and Czech Republic for August 2008. I would love to see you if possible while I am there. My current plans are to be in Prague 10-14.08, Aachen from 15-18.08, and Augsburg (Munich) on 19-20.08. I can still visit other places in the week or so before Prague. Please let me know soon if you are interested in arranging for me to come to your area at that time. I hope to be able to see you when I am in Europe this August. Thanks!!! Sh
At 4:56pm on April 21, 2008, Paul Freh said…
Hi Jan.
The sounds you are making are astonishing strong and pure... I would not expect that, seeing the metallic force of the form of your instruments. Here is a Master at Work.
Creating Sound and Form.
Hihi - and spinning creativity to it's colourful but also weird (without borders) top. I love it.

I am looking forward to hearing and seeing MORE.

Gruß, Paul
At 11:41pm on April 17, 2008, Filip Rydlo said…
Interesting instruments! And lovely voice.
Your polyphony is good, reminds me Stuart Hinds.
At 4:23am on April 16, 2008, Baird Hersey said…
Lovely! Lovely! Lovely!
At 8:27am on April 15, 2008, Tran Quang Hai said…
Dear Jan ,
Glad to meet you here . I am interested in your festival in Dresden .
You wrote that you were in Paris until 2nd march (or may ?) . Please precise me about that matter because march is over. How can contact you ?
You can call me at my office phone number : 01 4405 7352
You can write to me at my email: tranquanghai@gmail.com for other details
Hope to hear from you soon,
tran quang Hai
PS : You can go to my discussion group on Jew's harp at this network . This group was just created last night
At 4:42am on April 15, 2008, Baird Hersey said…
Thanks Jan, for your kind words. Looking forward to hearing your music!
At 6:10pm on April 10, 2008, Wolfgang Saus said…
Hey Jan, my congratulations to your recent award "Dresdner Förderpreis 2008". Looking forward to our next jointly projects.

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