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My story of water ...

Grown up in Murnau at the Staffelsee, Germany, my wish as a child was to become a scuba diver, saving money for a diving-suit. Then moving to Neuburg at the Donau. Instead of a diving-suit I bought a trumpet. 1970 moving to Morenhofen, a place with its own mill and a little lake. I invented the Aquaphon, a wind instrument combined with a trumpet, tubes and resonators for water. 1980 during my music study times at the university of Cologne I composed special water arrangements.

1986 „Vor der Flut“, music in the water collector Severin Cologne and Aquamorphose, a piece about the sound of water, together with Christoph Müller. 1994 first watsu experience in the Wassermannzentrum. In fall 2000 I had my first aquawellness and music workshop in Bad Sulza, together with Michael Reimann. Relaxing in the body temperatured water I suddenly got the impulse to bring in the sounds of my voice and turn into harmonic chant. A new form of inspired and deep work combining water and music was born.

About one year later, in fall 2001, I gave the first workshop in Bamberg/Weichendorf, called „flowing in water, sound and movement“ together with the shiatsu- and cranio-sacral therapist Nina Schimetzek. 10 participants had come to this innovating project. Of course the terrorists attacks in the US had an influence to the atmosphere. So we decided “to work hard“ on relaxation - not just for ourselves.

Besides our exercises in the water, we used the healing harmonical sounds of voice, water, sound bowls and gongs above and under water, we were also dancing and singing on the „solid ground“. We used especially the songs and dances of the native American indians to honor and acknowledge their spirit and their ecological and spiritual wisdom .

Saturday night we watched the video „ The White Hole in Time“ from Peter Russell. He used the building of the World Trade Center as a scale for the steps of evolutionary development. Half of the height of the World Trade Center it took evolution to develop just simple cells. There is a tremendous acceleration, especially in the last 100 or 50 years: it becomes clear, wherever we go , we really go fast !

After a time of intense technological development in the outside world the next step is to go inside, is one of Peter Russell`s thesis. We have all possibilities to change this planet into a blossoming island in our universe. There would be a need of 52 Billion Dollars to restore our mother Earth to provide world hunger, to help the sick people, to recover pollution, to take care of birth control, to make the third world countries debt-free. But in comparison with that, $ 780 billion are spent on the military by all nations-each year! The next step has to be a step of consciousness. There is too much at stake!

After some time for reflection I invited the group to the pool, where I had made up the room for an improvised concert. The light of a lightshow projector was directed to the water, projecting the movements of the water waves to the wall and the bottom of the pool. The group members were sitting at the edge of the pool, some feet in the water, moving the water from time to time. I did an invocation with shell horns, sound bowls and gong and then I blew with the didgeridoo on the surface of the water and noticed the amplification of the sound on several resonating points in the room. Then I played „Times in Space“, an arrangement from the project „Before the Flood“ in the water collector Severin in Cologne 1986. Drops are pulsating on sound bowls, plates of glass and metal. water drums and „the drop on the hot stone“ are resonating in this special room with a reverberation of 45 seconds.

It’s a galactic sound-time-structure, connected with my own heartbeat and the heartbeat of my yet unborn son David, with didgeridoo sounds and the sounds of a glass harpe, which I had composed in my studio at home before. What I discovered later was that this sound structure had the same tonality as my alphorn, that I played live with this arrangement – a connection of special sound- worlds- made for deep listening and inspiration.

In the following sequence of didgeridoo playing, inside of me arose a luminous vision: The water in the pool has a resonating relationship to all water on Earth - also to the water in the air and the water in our bodies. 70 % of the human being is water, also 70 % of the planet’s surface is covered with water. Ocean researches for whales and dolphins say that our seas are mighty antennas for the vibrations of the universe. Wales and dolphins receive this information and are the mediators to the humans. Why not to go the other way round and use the pool as an entrance, a collector and an amplifier for healing information through sounds – and to send this healing sounds on a journey around the world ?!

Healing waters – a global art event
. . . to suggest a postive Intention for the whole evolution and the spiritual field of our planet Earth in 2001, in times of a global crisis.

Water as one of the most intense organic mediator and amplifier of information, as „an element of life that carries changes and devotion“, water, we all came from, water, connecting all spirits and beings on this blue planet, water is the medium and the channel for the planetary network.

Researches of the Japanese Masaru Emoto confirm impressively the way water shows up with informations imprinted in an ice crystal .

© Photo by Alexander Lauterwasser
The message from water
Music, prayers, healing sounds, and songs from different cultures will be consciously projected into water by all the participants and this mental intention will be sent on a journey into the water cycle round the world. The first start event has been a full-moon-concert in the Toskana Therme Bad Sulza, Germany, in November 2001, planned and directed by Christian Bollmann, together with »The Overtone Choir Düsseldorf«. The Toskana Therme has special possibilities for under water liquid sound arrangements, under water concerts with color light effects and also the possibility for healing aquatic bodywork (aquawellness, watsu, soundwatsu). It is an optimal space for a holistic project as this one is. There have been parallel events in Boulder, Colorado with Jonathan Goldman, Kapa, Kauai/Hawaii with Timory Koch, India, Ganges, with Aruna Sayeeram, Brazil, shamanes around Daniel Namkhai and many more.

At the same time, on the whole world concerts, events and meditations have taken place together with other artists, in and near by the water. Everything showed up, from the private devotion in the private bath tub up to a Pacific-open-air-event. Following events will take place each full moon.

Essentially the purpose is to create a ritual with healing sounds, music, dancing and spoken words. Facing the water, you formulate strong and clear:
  • Peace for our planet Earth and the entire universe
  • Love and Light and Harmony to all beings
  • We ask you, the water to pass on our message to all water in the world.

»What’s that what is capable to do everything? This is the water. There is not one thing, that’s not rising out of it. Only those who use its principles well, can act in the right way. For the wise man the water is the key for changing the world. Therefore, the wise man doesn’t teach every single man, nor every single house to rule the world, but the water is his key.« (Tao Te King/ Laotse 25).

Blessings and baptizing are performed with water. Those powerful rituals are not only reserved for the clerics. Each of us can make holy water out of water.

© Photo by Cathy Frischknecht & Christian Bollmann
What will happen at a Peace Pool Event ?
The ritual can be just simple or even complex. Everything is possible - from the private devotion in your own bath tub up to a Pacific open-air-event !

Simple activities:
Sitting in front of a bowl of water, watching the water and becoming aware, that the water is connected by with the big water cycle of our planet by humidity of air. Remember, clouds, rain, Earth, sources, rivers, lakes, seas. We as well content 70% water, take water in and transmit it. Then we become aware that water is able to store information and also pass it on. The pictures of Masaru Emoto show this impressively.

Before this meditation you can tune in by special music, for example, »We all come from Goddess«, and finish it with for example »The River is flowing« to deepen your thoughts and the process.

Now the purpose is to call upon the water and pass on the message verbally:
»Peace to our Planet Earth and the entire universe, Love, Light and Harmony to all Beings. We ask you, the water, to pass on our message to all water in the whole world.« You can do this for several times, speak out all or single sequences. Subsequent to this meditation it would appear to sing, dance , use in any way the song Da Pacem Domine. Other songs, dances, music pieces or sound improvisations might follow.

Finally you hand over the water to the big cycle of life, get it back outside, into a river, lake or sea or pour it even on the ground.

Documentation of the peace-pool-activities by Christian Bollmann

22.09.2001 Weichendorf Workshop und Solokonzert
06.10.2001 Bad Sulza, Toskana Therme mit Michael Reimann
07.10.2001 Düsseldorf, Ständehaus Kunstsammlung NRW mit Markus Stockhausen.
30.10.2001 Bad Sulza, Toskana Therme mit dem Oberton-Chor

17.03.2002 Heiden CH Solowasserkonzert
28.03.2002 Nümbrecht Rhein Sieg Klinik Peace Pool Event
04.05.2002 Solothurn CH Solokonzert an der Aare
07.05.2002 Rhein Fall Schaffhausen CH
26.05.2002 Nümbrecht Rhein Sieg Klinik Peace Pool Event
31.05.2002 Bad Herrenalb 7 Täler Therme Peace Pool Event
03.06.2002 Weil/Rhein Laguna Bad Peace Pool Event
23.06.2002 Regensburg Frauenhof Open Air
24.06.2002 Würzburg Offenes Peace Pool Singen
25.06.2002 Staffelsee
26.06.2002 Tegernsee
27.06.2002 Chiemsee
25.07.2002 Köln/Rhein, Emototag Peace Pool Stone-Art
02.08.2002 Ansbach, Kaspar Hauser Peace Pool Konzert
11.08.2002 Lucmanier Pass CH, Sufi Camp Mountain Peace Pool
12.08.2002 Vals/Therme/CH
22.08.2002 Nümbrecht, Rhein Sieg Klinik Peace Pool Event
23.08.2002 Baden Baden, Caracallatherme
25.08.2002 Balver Höhle, Offenes Peace Pool Singen
11.09.2002 Bamberg, Memorial Friedenskonzert im Hain Open Air
16.-19.09.2002 Chiemsee, Oberton-Klangzauber-Festival
27.-29.09.2002 Weichendorf, Peace Pool Workshop

20.03.2003 Zürich /CH, Friedenskonzert zum Kriegsbeginn im Irak
22.03.2003 Heiden /CH, Peace Pool Workshop/Konzertevent Hotel Heiden
23.05.2003 Weichendorf, Peace Pool Workshop
30.12.2003 Nümbrecht Rhein Sieg Klinik, Aquarian Flow CD Präsentation

06.03.2004 Zürich/CH Migrosbad
13.03.2004 Heiden/CH, Peace Pool Workshop/Konzertevent Hotel Heiden
20.03.2004 Winterthur/CH Migrosbad
05.05.2004 Köln/Bensberg Mediterana, Klänge zur Mondfinsternis, erster Klangaufguss
30.06.2004 Köln/Bensberg Mediterana Eröffnung der Salzstolensauna
since 21.07.2004 Köln/Bensberg Mediterana Klangaufgüsse+Konzerte
25.08.-01.09.2004 Lesbos,/GR Milelja Inselgarten, Seminar Floaten, Tanzen und Wandern
29.08.2004 Lesbos,/GR Milelja Inselgarten, Peace Pool Konzert Event
15.10.2004 Köln/Bensberg Mediterana Klangaufgüsse und Soundfloating Seminar
12.11.2004 Köln/Bensberg Mediterana Klangaufgüsse und Soundfloating Seminar
25.-28.11.2004 Bad Herrenalb, Seminar Sieben Täler Therme, Heilende Klänge im Wasser,
26.11.2004 Bad Herrenalb, Sieben Täler Therme Aquarian Flow, baden in Klängen
31.12.2004 Neuseeland, Karamea Rongo, Hamer Springs, Muria Springs

Summer 2005 Köln/Bensberg Mediterana Klangaufgüsse &Konzerte
17.07.2005 Nümbrecht Eröffnung des Elemente Schwimmbades
30.12.2005 Nümbrecht, Badenin Klängen zum Jahreswechsel

04.02.2006 Bad Herrenalb, der Kongress geht baden
28.06.-12.07.2006 Lesbos,/GR Milelja Inselgarten, Seminar Floaten, Tanzen und Wandern
09.09.2006 Bad Pyrmont, Staatsbad Hufelandtherme, Wellness-Kunst-Event
20.09.2006 Bad Abbach, Kaisertherme Wasserklangevent
21.09.2006 Bad Göggingen, Liemestherme Wasserklangevent

16.03.2007 Bad Pyrmont, Staatsbad Hufelandtherme, Wellness-Kunst-Event
30.04.2007 Nümbrecht, Baden in Klängen, der etwas andere Tanz in den Mai
30.12.2007 Nümbrecht, Baden in Klängen zum Jahreswechsel

02.03.2008 Baden (Schweiz) - Baden in Klängen, 1001 Nacht im Wasser - Thermalbad Baden
17.05.2008 Bad Pyrmont, taatsbad Hufelandtherme, Wellness-Kunst-Event
09.-23.07.2008 Lesbos,/GR Milelja Inselgarten, Seminar Floaten, Tanzen und Wandern
30.12.2008 Nümbrecht, Baden in Klängen zum Jahreswechsel

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