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Frank Perry
  • Male
  • Hampshire
  • United Kingdom

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About me:
Began music in 1964 playing Rhythm & Blues then Chicago Blues with the late Paul Kossoff then avant Garde improvised jazz playing with Evan Parker Derek Bailey in Frank Perry Trio and in Derek Bailey groups then co-founded Ovary Lodge with Keith Tippett 1972 and Balance with Ian Brighton 1972 then stopped to develop my own meditation music in 1974 Got my first singing bowl in 1971 and first gong in 1968 I now have a large collection. I have appeared on 100 albums and given hundreds of workshops and solo concerts. I am considerd a pioneer of this music as I began in 1968 and played in a manner similar to today but in very early 1970s before anyone else in the musical field played this way.
As a band we are:
Tibetan Singing Bowls, bells, Ting-shags, Gongs, invented instruments, Voice - overtone/undertone, overtone flute, Chinese flutes
Rain wind fire space rocks Harry Partch Tibetan Tantric chanting Mongolian overtone singing David Hykes John Coltrane Albert Ayler Spontaneous Music Ensemble Derek Bailey
Ancient Chinese/Japanese music North Indian classical music Dane Rudhyar Alan Hovhaness Giacinto Scelsi Salvatori Sciarrino Nada Yoga Agni Yoga Bhakti Yoga Jnana Yoga Karma Yoga LaMonte Young Pandit Pran Nath Pannalal Ghosh Music for Zen Meditation

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At 6:26pm on December 9, 2010, Martin Bläse said…
Dear Frank,
I've just seen your photos. Very interesting your Instruments.
Best regards
At 9:41am on September 3, 2010, Candida Valentino said…
Hi Frank, yes will say Hi to Michael. We missed you at Gaunts House Summer Gathering. Left Saturday after lunch.
We just finished a new CD this year Chintamani Precious Jewel.
Hope you are well
At 11:42pm on March 9, 2009, Paul Terrell said…
Hello Frank. Sorry to be so long replying. Lucky enough to be in India for a week.
I think you can put a lot of music up on this site. I have put up most of the tracks from three CDs on my page.
Best Wishes, Paul T.
At 12:07am on February 16, 2009, Paul Terrell said…
Hi Frank. Thanks for the replies.
As regards the recording we did together neither Ravi, Nikki or I have done a pressing. What I have done is make a few home copies and Ravi has had some of them. They have only gone out as give aways and occassionally sold at gigs as we agreed. What I remember from our agreement was that it was a partnership in that we would all get a copy and do what we like with it in terms of selling at gigs and giving away. Then, if any of us was to get a commercial deal for publishing or distribution with a music company then those proceeds would be split five ways. I hope this is how you had understood it.
So, as it stands now there is no commercial pressing, no CD number or cataloguing. I put the album on my web site and offer it for sale but my site is essentially my teaching and therapy site so it does not attract music sales at all. I have all the tracks just for listening on the OMN site. They cannot be downloaded. I still feel we made rather a good job of it and there is some interesting music there.
Do you still have your copy? You can always publish yourself and put it in your catalogue. If you don't have a copy I can send you one. Let me know. Best Wishes, Paul T.
At 2:37pm on February 14, 2009, Paul Terrell said…
Hello again Frank. I noticed in your photos that you have a few small chinese bowls ( actually bells ). They have a hole in the bottom ( or top ) for hanging. The very red/brown patina suggests they are old. I recently acquired one and have no way of guessing how old it is. The patina seems to suggest great age. What do you know about them? Best, Paul Terrell.
At 2:34pm on February 14, 2009, Paul Terrell said…
Hi Frank. Hope you are well. Good to have a network for us overtoners.
I noticed on the Gaunt's House film that you have put up on You Tube that we get mentioned as ...some other musicians. You perhaps forgot our names...Justin 'Ravi' Freeman, Nikki Williams and myself, Paul Terrell.
The Overtone Choir version two has gone through its own transformations and this spring Ravi and I are out touring with the fabulous Mike Ormiston and Candida Valentino calling ourselves the Overtone Ensemble.
I did some work recently with an acquaintance of yours, Howard Moody. What a fabulous guy.
I admire your productivity and persistence. Best Wishes, Paul Terrell.
At 7:02pm on February 8, 2009, Arjopa said…
Dear Frank!!
Thanx a lot for your friendship,here!!
Your music & your OMN site are really great!!

Hope you like our Khoomei Throatsinging Country Punk,too!!

Greetings from Berlin!!

Arjopa & The Master U-like

At 12:06am on February 3, 2009, Karen Stackpole said…
Greetings Frank,

Wonderful to see you here! I will listen to the piece on your myspace site later today. I have one of your CDs and I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for the friendship -

At 12:18pm on February 2, 2009, Jens Zygar said…
Love and Respect to a true master of Sound!

At 7:47pm on January 17, 2009, Nicholas Truske said…
Thank you Frank for your friendship ! ! Yes the combination of sounds + the paintings of Tibet + my own connections musically + the painting connections of the Taos artists painting Taos pueblos that for the first time for me saw the similarities to Tibetan architecture . Now reading your musical history - i lived in Chicago & as a youth was captivated by the local blues, especially the Big Bill Hill show on WOPA. i also worked at learning blues guitar, then jazz, classical, love flamenco too . . . i started meditative music in the mid 1970's too.
i have studied for a couple of years the Dhrupad Nada Yoga tradition thru Shanti Maffey
i love to hear & feel your sounds :))

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