Bernd Michael Sommer


Neunkirchen, Saarland


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About me:
Singing with artists on records
was a source of joy since I was a child.
Then: the Beatles!
I could not get enough of their music
and their contemporaries´.
When I got a guitar and founded my first band,
I was in heaven.
We copied the music of our heroes
and composed music of our own.

After having finished high school,
I studied Jazz.
I learnt how to play the piano
and some other instruments.
For a couple of years,
I toured and recorded with various formations.

At age forty,
I studied musicology, psychology and American Literature
at the Universität des Saarlandes.
Being a bad sight-reader,
I researched on the subject
and wrote a dissertation on it.

In 2004, I met
Chris Amrhein and Christian Bollmann,
and the world of overtones revealed its wonders.
It felt like being home - and it still does.
Music, sound and rhythm let us feel
what we really are.
Especially overtone music
is very strong in this respect,
because it leads into silence.

Since then, I have been exploring
the world of overtones,
and I love to give concerts and courses.
I also have been meeting
lots of people
who I feel in resonance with.

Thank you, universe!
Let´s continue the celebration of life!
Singing Bowls,
Jew´s Harp
My mother´s heartbeat,
my father´s strength,
my family´s love,
and everything there is.

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach,
60´s beat-music-groups,
Gentle Giant,
Charlie Parker,
Miles Davis,
Keith Jarrett,
Chick Corea,
McCoy Tyner,
Herbie Hancock,
Joni Mitchell,
Mahavishnu John McLaughlin,
Deva Premal & Miten,
and many more.

My teachers:
Jamey Aebersold,
David Baker,
Jerry Coker,
Joe Haider,
JoAnne Brackeen,
Bill Dobbins,
Chris Amrhein,
Reinhard and Cornelia Flatischler
and many more.

My fellow musicians over the years:
Stephan Rawer,
Hans Jaeckel,
Joerg Spiess,
Peter Spengler,
Dixi Schneider,
Jens Neufang,
Martin and Susan Weinert,
Hans York,
Siggi Hussner,
Stephan Brandt,
Stefan Engelmann, Jens Neufang,
Rainer Heute,
Wolfgang Engstfeld,
Chris Amrhein,
Christian Bollmann,
Wolfgang Saus,
Miroslav Grosser,
Avalona Y. Doritz,
Paul Freh,
Lothar Berger,
and many many more.

My students:
too many to mention their names.
Probably I learnt most of what I know
from my students.
Thank you all, and Namasté!

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  • Johannes Lind

    Lieber Bernd,

    da denke ich auch mit Freude zurück! Bin zurzeit leider wenig mit Obertönen beschäftigt, aber hoffentlich in der zweiten Jahreshälfte wieder mehr. Hoffe wir sehen und/oder hören uns bald wieder!

    viele Grüße,
  • Elke Ruben

    Hallo Bernd,
    mit großer Freude habe ich das Video gesehen vom EOC
    Es ist eine so gelungene Erinnerung für mich!!
    Vielen Dank auch!!!... und viele liebe Grüße
  • Christa Kirchner

    Hallo, Bernd,
    viele liebe Grüße ins Saarland. Wir sehen und hören uns hoffenlich wieder und werfen uns ein paar Bälle zu.