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obertongesang mit den händen (overtonesingin with hands) david stützel

singing two voices with overtones, the right hand shows the pitch of the overtone, the left hand the pitch of the fundamental..... in the chapel of www.schloss-seehaus.de

one thing that i sing, sounds as if the available overtones would stay fixed allthough the fundamental changes: that is kind of missleading; the whole series of overtones allwayes moves along ("transposes") with its fundamental. so what's the trick here: the overtoneseries does "transpose", i use different ones, but they sound similar. if you listen carefully, you will notice that the tuning changes slightly...
same with amazing grace: the note on "the" (how sweet THE sound), is a completely wrong interval; should be a 6th, but is the 7th in stead, as there is no 6th in this octav of the harmoic series. then there is allso no minor third reachable, so no minor, exept when you get the fundamental (the note you sing) to sound like something other than the fundamental....

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