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Aleah & Henning perform Jay Bajanranga Bali | Live Kirtan

On the first of March, Aleah and Henning held another concert in the Yoga Vidya center in Horn-Bad Meinberg. This kirtan, Jay Bajanranga Bali, was the second song they performed that evening.

jay bajaraṅga balī
jay hanumāna kī
jay mahā-vīra, jay hanumān
jay guru-deva, karo kalyāṇ

jaya win/be victorious, m./f. (Hindi) victory, 'long live xxx' ;
bajar (Sanskrit vajra) hard, solid, massive etc.;
aṃga m. (Sanskrit n.) body, body part; bajar-aṃga of strong body, m. designation of Hanumān; balī (Sk. balin), powerful; hanu/-ū m. chin, jaw; hanumat jawed, m. hanumān (Sanskrit nominative, hanumāna is popular pronunciation) Name of the monkey general who helped Rāma win back his wife after she was stolen by the demon Rāvaṇa; kī Hindi genitive postposition; mahat/mahā great; vīra m. hero; mahā-vīra m. great hero; guru m. (often spiritual) teacher; deva m. god; guru-deva m. the god who is the teacher; karo (karnā) do; *kalyāṇ(a) m*. (Sanskrit n.) prosperity, happiness.

Literal translation
Long live the mighty Bajaraṃga, long live Hanumān, long live the great hero, long live Hanumān, long live the God who is the Guru, bring prosperity.

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Mantra/ kirtan chanting is a wonderful practice to open the heart and to feel divine presence

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Om Shanti

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