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Mysterious and singular the ancient Himalayan cultures created enigmatic instruments for the propose of inducing physical healing, spiritual consciousness and mental clarity.
Their creations are an alchemy of metal and sacred geometry known today as Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gantas/Vajras, Tingshaws and Gong. The vibrational signatures these remarkable instruments produce are metamorphosing overtones that heal the body and heart of sentient beings. Their songs/voices alter space, mind and time to awaken and stimulate cellular memory into it’s natural blissful state.
The very act of listening effectively stops the ego’s internal dialog, the ‘Monkey Mind’, inducing a dynamic centering meditation; a trance state.

The origins of these instruments are mysterious and shrouded in either secrecy or lost knowledge. It is clear that their mesmerizing sounds carry great power; allowing the listener to travel without corporeal movement, to heal, to commune with spirit and explore other planes of existence.

Born into human knowledge during the shamanistic, pre-Buddhist, period of ancient Tibet the Himalayan instruments are made from a consecrated metal alloy. These metals, when skillfully stimulated, produce five individual, simultaneous tones of consistent frequency; each a vibrational dance of harmonics.
Their sound synchronizes the six regions of the human brain and creates a therapeutic effect upon the mind/body. Each instrument was consciously created for use as guide in Tantric rituals, astro-traveling, awakening consciousness, conveying the Buddhist teaching of the ‘Four Noble Truths’ and physical, mental, spiritual healing.

The Chinese invasion of Tibet in the 1950’s has resulted in the cultural genocide of that country. This event, added to the traditional Buddhist and Bon spiritual practice of concealing knowledge concerning powerful spiritual objects, has contributed to the current difficulty of fully and historically understanding these sacred entities directly. Years of analytical study, pilgrimage and practical experiences have however produced important fundamental insights. The Bowls were fashioned by monks on the eastern boundaries of ancient Tibet the alloy is composed of silver, gold, mercury, tin, lead, copper and iron; each associated with planets and their respective characteristics. Smelted and purified in open pit forges they were cast, reheated and hammered into shape and tone. During this process sacred Mantras, (venerated sound formulas that embody powerful energies), were sung to infuse altruistic intent into each instrument. The iron used is known as the ‘Thunderbolts of God’ and is of principle importance due to its' sacred origins as meteorite deposits found among the summits of the Himalayan mountain range.

They are dynastic tools that reduce stress, induce chakra balancing, vitality synchronization and spontaneous healing. When used within vibrational healing techniques participants experience fundamental shift in their view of phenomenon space, clarity of mind, physical healings, enhanced creativity, vigor, joy and sense of peace. - The instruments are also extraordinary meditational instruments which open internal doors to expanding knowledge of self.

The Himalayan (‘Singing’) Bowls, Ganta/Vajra and Tingshaws compose the spiritual trinity of Tibetan sound objects. Each conveys a characteristic energy signature; the Bowls a quieting, centering, balancing energy. It’s vibrational sister the Ganta radiates a motivating and unifying influence. She is the symbol of the universal feminine force known as ‘Transcendent Wisdom’ and her consort, her constant companion, the Vajra represents the prevalent masculine strength of ‘Compassion’. Together the Ganta/Vajra, (Wisdom/Compassion), creates a divine union realization: the understanding of which is necessary for transformational spiritual growth. Their brother the Tingshaws stimulate energy fields used in the clearing of a negativity from time/space and individuals. As a vibrational healing instrument it is a dynastic tool that stimulates physical healing. Traditionally used to declare Dharma teachings, the Tingshaws brilliant tones penetrate all levels of reality; mental, physical and spiritual.

Through a curious twist of global historical events there are how thousands of these remarkable, sacred and ancient healing vehicles available to the Western world. Seek out the authentic instruments; each will display individual characteristics that can only be fully understood with extensive interaction. It is most desirable, if possible, to be exposed to the voices, the vibrational sojourn, of a number of these extraordinary instruments being played simultaneously. Given time and devotion, awareness of their healing attributes and their ability to motivate the human spirit can be directly understood.
Be assured that whomever has an opportunity to hear a Himalayan Singing Bowl, Ganta or Tingsha will be spiritually, emotionally, physically propelled into states of greater universal and individual awareness.

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