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New to throat singing. Blog for progress

Hello, my name is Joe and after many half attempts, I'm now learning Khoomei. Also, I do not blog so don't expect much out of this. This is to help me keep on track and maybe get some outside help.

There doesn't seem to be any throat singers where I live so I must do this entirely without physical help. So far there have been many people helping me in the Khoomei yahoo group and that has been a huge help.

My progress thus far: I'm not sure what to think about my current situation. When doing khoomei, My voice doesn't sound like the others I have heard in the internet. many have this growl or dryness but mine just sounds like my normal voice just a bit higher. Perhaps I'm not tightening the proper part of my throat, or maybe I'm unknowingly using my nose too much.

With this set back however, I can still hear overtones in my voice which is good because I ultimately want to learn Sygyt. Oh well, practice and comments is whats going to solve this : D

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Comment by Jens Mügge on December 3, 2010 at 10:47pm
Hey Joe, welcome to the world of overtones! Nicolas started in January 2010 a beginner's dairy. I think you know Steve's website khoomei.com/forum - you can find there some helpful discussions how to learn throatsinging. I checked your mapping and it seems it will be hard to find a teacher in Cincinnati. Maybe I am wrong and these is a teacher in your hometown or homeland. Nevertheless there are some very good overtone and throatsinger in the United States who offers classes via Skype too. I read that Alexander Glenfield, Arjuna, Baird Hersey, Steve Sklar and some other guys offer these online teachings. Good luck to find your teacher if you are looking for somone. If you try to find your own way without a teacher I can recommend you to follow your own voice. Don't try to imitate what you call growl or dryness. Follow your voice and do with your voice only that what feels comfortable. Play with the vowels to sing them slowly as you can and maybe you practise in the beginning the european style of overtone singing.

Comment by The Gongman on December 4, 2010 at 12:30am
Stop playing music in your car......turn it off....radio,CD,whatever.Listen to the engine,sing with it,and you have control over the pitch.....and the tyres,they make a background tone too.
Comment by Joe Pancheri on December 4, 2010 at 4:04am
@ Jens Thank you for the information. Yes, that is the group I found : ) I have gotten a lot of useful information from the members. I will look into a skype lesson, I never really thought of that. I wrote an email to my local colleges school of music to see if anyone might have learned it in some class or another.

@ Gong Also a great idea. that actually sounds quite relaxing : )


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