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This is an invitation to list worthful information concerning harmonic singing, especially studies and researches about the effects of overtones and harmonic singing to humans, plants and animals, their cells and brains and so on.

Please release information - in Dutch, French, Spanish, English, German or other languages - for links and publications here.

Thanx a lot for share the best you know
Miroslav Grosser, Berlin

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Phonetical Researches by Sven Grawunder - Department of Speech Science and Phonetics, Martin Luther University, Halle
  • Grawunder, Sven (1999). Die Erforschung eines besonderen Stimmgebrauchs - Obertongesang versus Kehlgesang. Unpublished Diploma, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Halle/Saale - PDF and HTML-Version.
  • Grawunder, Sven. (2003). Comparison of Voice Production Types of ‘Western’ Overtone Singing and South Siberian Throat Singing. Paper presented at 15th ICPhS, Barcelona. PDF.
Dear Mirko!!
What a wonderful idea!!
I would like to recomment my own teaching book & CD for beginners, in German:

Arjopa - Choomii - das mongolische Obertonsingen,
Grundkurs zum Selbsterlernen, nach dem Arjopa-Lehrkonzept,
Verlag: Zweitauseneins, Frankfurt/Main, 1999


Sorry, that it is already sold out.

10 years ago it was a real best seller, with 18.000 sold items.

But it is still sold on:

www.ebay.de and www.amazon.de
I met a man in the music seminar near Bundesallee last year here in Berlin and he told me that he had learnt overtone singing with your book, Arjopa. Sad that someone offers your book in the world wide web as free download.

Arjopa - Choomii - das mongolische Obertonsingen and some additional links - on amazon it is for sale up to 15 €.
Dear Miroslav, I started a new thread about a new publication in English: On the Physiology of Voice Production in South-Siberian Throat Singing - a new book by Sven Grawunder
Hi Miroslav, I'm currently reading the Mark van Tongeren book 'Overtone Singing' which I'm finding to be absolutely excellent. We all know about the book by Jonathon Goldman 'Healing Sounds'. Also my book on throat singing titled 'The 8th Natural Wonder', published 2006, a three part journey which explores the generic journey, my journey and the learning journey.

Hello Miroslav,


is it something like that:  Harmonic Content of Vowels what you are looking for? In this research by John Nichols about the Harmonic Content of Vowels is overtone singing mentioned.  John Nichols writes:


"IV. Further Topics of Interest

Another thing I looked into are alternate methods of singing. One such method is overtone singing, a method in which the singer intentionally tunes the vocal tract to specifically bring out a higher harmonic, sometimes making it louder than the fundamental pitch. Overtone singing can sound like a person is singing one note while whistling a higher note at the same time. Another interesting style of singing is low throat singing. Some people suggest that in this method, the singer puts enough air through their vocal chords to vibrate the false vocal chords an octave lower than the note they are singing."


Interesting is his conclusion: "Overall, this was a rewarding and enlightening look into how we produce the vowel
sounds we do every day. I learned many things like what primarily distinguishes vowels, but my imperfect synthesized vowels suggest there is a little more to the story than just the harmonic amplitudes (perhaps phase or frequencies that fall between the exact harmonics). I learned more about how the voice works in general, and this knowledge has changed the way I think about  singing. My testing pool was not wide enough to truly draw any conclusions from my data, but my results agree with the published results of the research I have been able to find on vowels, both spoken and sung."


Interesting, what do you mean ?

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