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The long duration of Covid19 , gave me time to edit
some of our earlier Jamsessions Recordings.
Here is a sample attached 4m47s).
MayBe I'll add some more later...

Regular Jamsession Members are:
(See more of us on Youtube -Channel of ...)
Karin Böhme Brendel Digeridoo : e.g. Title
"Camala+Ted with friends, Session auf dem Zauberberg Okt.2019"
other Members are...
Norbert Esch Overtone (Kagyra & Sigit) & Hang-Handpan
Gudrun Jung 2.nd Overtone
Axel Zacharias Djembe & Percussion-Egg
Dietmar Ingunza Gitarre

I hope we are going to restart this year again
in Karin's Atelier
There is also a kind of "Sound-Yoga-Experience"-Flow
in this.......

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Thank you, Norbert!


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