• Old English, French, and Gaelic songs played in the round were originally played on short natural trumpets

    Hey. I also found out that many English, French, Gaelic, etc. nursery rhymes were based on the natural scale. They were played in the round on short trumpets. See:…

    By Aindrias Hirt

  • E-learning video courses

    Hi,I just relaunched my e-learning courses with lower prices: Didgeridoo, throat and overtone singing and jews harp playing.e-learning courses

    By Jonathan Cope

  • Melodic Natural Scale Paper

    Hello All,I just had a paper published that you might find interesting. I can't put up the short article because it's in copyright, but the esoteric supplement is not. It's here, but go to the bottom of the page to download it:…

    By Aindrias Hirt

  • Pure Harmonic improvised music - London

    Hello,I am looking for anyone interested in getting together to experiment with pure harmonic improvised music? I started as an electric guitarist interested in psychedelic music - then studied classical music and now play a variety of styles. I am a London based composer and Sound Healing…

    By Alistair Smith

  • non overtone multiphonics...

    Wer weiß etwas zu dieser Gesangstechnik?Ideen? Fragen? Aufnahmen? Theorien?...…

    By David Stuetzel

  • crowd funding for us fringe overtone artists

    Greetings lovers of music outside of the mainstream!Us overtone singers with something unique to offer the world are challenged by raising the funds to create our music and get it out there. To educate and enhance the ears of the masses.I am about to record my third solo CD, with continued…

    By kiva simova

  • Update - March 2013

    There is one good news: OMN has now a sponsor. That means that OMN is free and will be free. The provider of this network announced these days a new pricing plan - but with the new sponsor OMN will be maintained until 20 th March 2014. Sponsor of OMN is …

    By OMN

  • Open mouth overtones

    In this forum might be also a title ”Singing..."I could ask this direct from Rollin or Wolfgang but maybe somebody else is also interrested.If we filter overtones in mouth by tonque, we get low overtones from large space and high overtones from small mouth. Makes sense, longer waves fit in large…

    By Sauli Heikkilä

  • Workshops in Finland

    HiI started 3 workshops this week. One evening workshop about khoomei, one about overtonesinging and one khoomei weekend workshop.It has been fun and educational to me, too, though I have had several workshops for more than ten years now. Next summer I am going to teach at Haapavesi Folk Festival…

    By Sauli Heikkilä

  • Jewish harp, dangerous for teeth?

    I broke my front tooth. Now I got new one. But I was thinking, that I probably can ever play xomus again. I broke my teeth by carrot, but anyway. So I was wondering, if constant iron vibration would do some harms for front teeth. Have anybody information about this?Sauli

    By Sauli Heikkilä