Overtone Singing Techniques

There are many ways to produce vocal overtones. It depends by the structure of our vocal tract - tongue, cavities, ... - and our sensitiveness. We could explain our technique here.
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  • Rollin Rachele

    Hi Everyone,
    I have finally gotten around to joining the group. I hope all is well with everyone. Having a bit of a revival here in the UK now that I have finished my BMus in Classical Indian music...time for more overtones!! Rollin
  • Rollin Rachele

    Oh, also, just working on converting my Overtone Singing Study Guide into an ebook. It's been out of print for years, despite requests. You'll be able to find it on www.overtonesinging.com.
  • Luca Recupero

    Hallo Everyone,
    I hope I'm not too rude if I use this wall to announce an Overtones Event we're organizing in Catania, Sicily from 6 to 8 dececmber.
    Special guest Tran Quang Hai!
    All the infos here: https://www.facebook.com/events/182573345278908/
    OR contact me here: mondodimusica@gmail.com

    Excuse me for intrusion and Happy Harmonies to all!