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Polyrhythms: 3 against 4 and 4 against 3

... a reflection of the harmonic series at a lower frequency!
Illustrated with hands drumming and animated graphic as parts of a three stage rocket:
- The mental understanding of how the 3-pulse and the 4-pulse merge within a 12 beat cycle. This gets clear from the animation.
- The use of word strings to facilitate the memory and execution with hands.
- The integration in body which needs other postures - lying and walking,...
The video plays in three tempi for different levels of practice challenge: Slow, medium and fast, each of 90 seconds duration.
The left hand (green colour) continuously drums a 3-divided even pulse in the 12 beats cycle where only the numbered are with claps. They are accentuated naturally by the string of words:
'WE can FEEL the RHY- thm -...'
The right hand (blue colour) continuously drums a 4-divided even pulse.
Again a 12 beats pr cycle with claps on the numbered elements. They are accentuated naturally by the string of words:
'A POLY- RHYTH- mic FLOW...' (you may find your own alternatives for both word strings!)
Feel free to challenge yourself changing hands, following either the 3- or the 4- pulse with your feet,....etc.

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