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From Rhythm to Tone - Through the Transition Zone 16-32 Hz
It is truely thrilling what happens somewhere between 16 Hz which we conceive as rhythm and 32 Hz which is definitely a tone. Don't let me deceive you, of course there is a difference between the piano tones from 32 Hz upwards and the initial sawtooth waves, but they too would have been perceptible as tones in the following octaves, but most computer loudspeakers would not be able to render the deepest of them, therefore I chose the piano sound.
The last two octaves - which theoretically are covered by our hearing spectrum - are muted here because the concert piano only spans 7 octaves.
The frequencies here made audible through 12 octaves are:
1 Hz (rhythm)
2 Hz (rhythm)
4 Hz (rhythm)
8 Hz (rhythm)
16 Hz (rhythm on the verge to tone)
32 Hz (tone, C1)
64 Hz (tone, C)
128 Hz (tone, c)
256 Hz (tone, (keyhole-) c' )
512 Hz (tone, c'')
1.024 Hz (tone, c''', the high c)
2.048 Hz (tone, c'''')
4.096 Hz (tone, c''''')
Normally the audible spectrum is reckoned to be 20-20,000 Hz or a little more than 10 octaves (frequency relation 1:2)
The world record for flamenco heel tapping is 24 Hz! I.e. in the tonal spectrum!
Maybe we could speculate that the mysterious zone 16-32 Hz is what is dragging us when we tend to drop tonally when we sing whereas when we deal with percussion on the contrary we tend to accellerate rhytmically ???

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