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Meditation Music - Live Performance by Matthew Kocel with Theda Phoenix

Download Matthew Kocel's Healing Music Series for free at http://matthewkmusic.com

Cosmic Throat Singer Matthew Kocel is known worldwide as a leader in the sound healing, deep meditation music and world music movement. Throat singer, sound healer and musical visionary, Matthew is on a mission to inspire peace and healing through the universal language of music and sound.

In this video he plays in Vancouver, BC Canada with Theda Phoenix in 2016. All music and sound here is organic - created by Matthew and Theda accompanied by Indian harmonium, Tibetan tingsha and crystal singing bowl. Anyone who is willing to be still and listen will benefit from the healing frequencies of Matthew's voice, especially those who are seeking a gateway to transformation or deep relaxation.

Download Matthew's Healing Music Series for free at http://matthewkmusic.com Theda Phoenix creates spontaneous outpourings of Love and beauty with her music and voice http://thedaphoenix.com

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