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At 1:41pm on February 15, 2010, Jan Heinke said…
hallo jens, hab dank für den link. das foto entstand im kunsthaus refugium in medingen anfang dezember letzten jahres. viele grüße, jan
At 10:02am on February 6, 2010, Tran Quang Hai said…
Tibetan Mantra chanting

In Tibetans monasteries Gyuto and Gyume, Singing Tantras and mantras use of throat singing. Their tradition goes back to a group of Indian masters, the most notable being the yogin Padmasambhava, Who visited the Tibet to VIIIecentury and, more recently, the founder of one of the four streams of Tibetan Buddhism Tsongkapa (1357-1419) who had brought on overtone singing and the style of meditation. He had said it, this type of song from his patron deity, Maha Bhairava who, despite being an incarnation of Bodhisattva compassion (Avalokiteshvara) Had a terrific mind. The central face of Maha Bhairava is an angry buffalo. Even today, the masters of this school compare their singing like the bellowing of a bull.

There are several ways to recite the prayers: the recitation in a lower register with moderate or fast speed on sacred texts, singing with three styles (ta sung with words spoken clearly on a pentatonic scale; gur with a slow tempo used in ceremonies and principal during processions; yang with a very serious voice on vowels producing harmonic effect to communicate with the gods). The Tibetan monks of Gyuto monastery out a bumblebee extremely serious and a harmonic H10 corresponding to the major third above the 3rd octave drone, while the monks of the monastery Gyume produce a drone and serious harmonic equivalent of 12 straight at - above the 3rd octave drone. They say the Gyuto monks chant represents the Fire element and the monks Gyume expresses the element Water. These monks get this effect harmonic singing the vowel O with the mouth elongated and rounded lips.
Tran Quang Hai
At 4:52pm on February 2, 2010, Daniel Pircher said…
Hey Jens...

danke dir für deinen Support
Grüße Daniel
At 11:28am on January 23, 2010, Fabio Keiner said…
wunderbare klangreisen für körper, geist und seele! so many thanks for sharing!
At 7:38am on January 14, 2010, Kolja Simon said…
Aloha Jens!
Danke, daß Du unsere Songs "featurest"!
Hoffentlich bis bald mal! In Freiheit & Mehrstimmigkeit...und Allem, was Dich unterstützt! Kolja
At 1:45am on January 10, 2010, DaveTeTohunga said…
Heyah Jens, doing my Cheshire Cat thing as usual, just discovered your query 'did i mean coral castle?' and the answer is yep, that's the one. In the Wairarapa region of the north island of new zealand at a place called Carterton a bunch of astronomers built a functional henge, modelled on stonehenge but aligned for the southern stars, and made the discovery that the henge has remarkable accoustic properties. Inside the henge they now regularly have music performances. When i visited it i noticed that when the asronomers were giving lectures you could hear them clearly but not hear them outside the henge. Likewise sounds outside the henge seemed to have trouble penetrating it. Trust all is great for you my friend. Watched the Weeping Camel' last night, such a beautiful film. Cheers :D
At 8:40pm on January 8, 2010, Bernard Kleikamp said…
Hi Jens,
I'm not too bothered by the messages I receive from OMN, I don't get that many.
By the way, I'm currently working on another CD with overtone music, to be released in a few weeks time. I'll post a message when it's out.
Best, Bernard
At 8:07pm on January 7, 2010, Deirdre Morgan said…
Hi Jens,

Unfortunately no web link for the festival yet. But I can tell you that the dates are July 2-4, in Kecscemet, Hungary. Aron Szilagy is organizing. I hope you can join us!

I would also love to hear more about your travels with Hosoo (is he on tour?) and the David Hykes retreat. Sounds like a great summer!

At 7:37am on January 7, 2010, Anna said…
thanks Jens - this one is my favorite one

have a happy new year ... and it`s a wonderfull world
At 5:21am on January 7, 2010, Deirdre Morgan said…
Hi Jens,

Nice to be here! I will work on uploading some music soon. I'll be at the international jew's harp festival in Hungary this summer, will you be there?


At 9:17pm on December 31, 2009, Katja Vessel said…
At 7:12pm on December 14, 2009, Raffaello Regoli said…
hello Jens, i have remix and reloaded the song Obliquizione
best regard
Raffaello Regoli
At 6:03pm on December 7, 2009, Ming said…
Hi Jens,
es war ein schöner Abend und ein schönes Event in München. Endlich passiert mal was positives in Bezug auf den Film.
Schön Dich kennengelernt zu haben. Ich hoffe du hattest eine angenehme Reise gehabt.
Danke für das Featuren der Bilder. Ich werde mich diese Woche dranmachen wegen Links und Bestellmöglichkeit auf meiner Website.
Bei Dir alles klar?
Liebe Grüsse!
At 10:06am on December 2, 2009, Larisa Kharitonova said…

At 10:05am on December 2, 2009, Larisa Kharitonova said…

At 9:59am on December 2, 2009, Larisa Kharitonova said…
Great profile and all on your page, jens! Congratulations! Hugs!!!
At 8:01pm on November 23, 2009, Anna said…

At 1:26am on November 23, 2009, Dean Frenkel said…
Thanks Jens. Hosoo's performance under pressure was tremendous and his sygyt - impressive. I consider what he did to be a very important representation of our art to a wider audience. Thanks again for bring it to my attention.

Best, Dean
At 12:15am on November 22, 2009, Dean Frenkel said…
Thank you for letting me know of Hosoo's fantastic performance. He did aboslutely brilliantly. Though I did not understand any of the German dialogue I wonder why did they keep morphing his face into a western face? Apart from that his was a monumental performance. Best, Dean
At 11:55pm on November 19, 2009, Alfred Wolski said…
hallo jens, schön mit dir noch etwas näher verbunden zu sein als bisher eh schon.
danke dir jetzt mal persönlich für deine super arbeit für die community;:>)))
ich habe eh vor gehabt mich mal persönlich bei dir zu melden wenn ich wieder in berlin bin.
die besten wünsche für das wochenende, alfred

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