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Olkhon Gate Duo – album “The Dream” 2011

Olkhon gate duo is a collaboration of two jew’s harpers from different places who met together on Baikal lake. Vladimir Markov (Irkutsk, Russia) and Irina Bogatyreva (lybertsy, Russia) inspired by beauties and spirits of lake Baykal started their own project – jew’s harp Duo. They use very small instrument that can produce deep emotions, feelings and very existence of a person!

Coming to Baikal is learning listening to silence. Silence of Baikal is amazing: each sound spreading above an endless silken surface of water turns into music. Seat and listen: how wind whispers in larch needles, how seagulls cry echoes in clefts of rocky steeps, how crystal clear waves plash full of sunlight and flashes. Seat, listen and merge into this music, place your heart and mind into its rhythm.
Our album was recorded at one breath hold. But before, it took us two weeks in magic silence of Baikal to learn hearing and understanding each other by half of a sound. And music was rising with inspiring easiness surprising even for us, musicians. We want to share with you this miracle - the feeling of easy improvisation, natural like breathing.

Used jew’s harps:
01 – “Sunlight on the Water” F# (Koukin Narimitsu/ Kubiz Vahitov)
02 – “The Way Mushrooms Grow” B (Vahitov Kubiz/ Kubiz Vahitov)
03 – “Khoboi with You” C (Khomus Bygynanov/ Kubiz Vahitov)
04 – “Freedom!” G (Parmupill Priit Moppel/ Kubiz Vahitov)
05 – “Sun and Water Play” D# (Khomus Maltsev/ Kubiz Vahitov)
06 - The Dream D# (Khomus Maltsev/ Kubiz Vahitov)
07 - Snake Skin D# (Khomus Maltsev/ Kubiz Vahitov)
08 – “Hi kiddo Christmas tree!” A (vargan Sklemin/ Kubiz Vahitov)
09 – “Shamanka” A (Kubiz Vahitov/ Kubiz Vahitov)
10 - Wind All Around F# (Koukin Narimitsu/ Kubiz Vahitov)
11 - Bridge over the Rocks D#/F# (Khomus Bygynanov/ Kubiz Vahitov)
12 - At one Breath Hold A#/D# (Kubiz Vahitov/ Kubiz Vahitov)

Listen and download our first album “The Dream” 2011 at:

web site : www.varganist.ru

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