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Leonardo FUKS : biography
at the lab with reed woodwindsfakir oboist (by L.F.)

Leonardo Fuks, PhD

Leonardo Fuks is a Brazilian engineer and musician who has just finished his doctoral thesis at the Department. His research project Breathing and blowing in the woodwinds: musical, acoustical and physiological aspects was supervised by prof. Johan Sundberg and supported by a CAPES grant. Back to Rio de Janeiro, he has resumed the position of associate professor at UFRJ - School of Music from January 1999.

* Publications
* Curriculum vitae
* Research project
* the Music Group staff
* the Music Acoustics home page
* THE THESIS INTRODUCTION - FROM AIR TO MUSIC: Acoustical, Physiological and Perceptual Aspects of Reed Wind Instrument Playing and Vocal-Ventricular Fold Phonation
* Sundry Sounds produced by me (including Tibetan-like voice)


In Sweden:

KTH - Royal Institute of Technology

TMH - Department of Speech, Music and Hearing

Drottning Kristinas v. 31
SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden

In Brasil:

UFRJ-Rio de Janeiro Federal University, School of Music

Rua do Passeio 98, 20021-290, Brasil


Av. Osvaldo Cruz 112, apto. 801, Flamengo, 22250-060, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

phone +46 (8) 790 92 66 fax +46 (8) 790 78 54

+55 (21) 5514723 leonardo@speech.kth.se

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