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Sven GRAWUNDER : bio and research interests

Sven GRAWUNDER : bio and research interests

Sven Grawunder, PostDoc Research fellow, speech scientist, phonetician, has been working at Department of Linguistics Max Planck institut for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI EVA),LEIPZIG, GERMANY.

Contact: grawunde@eva.mpg.de

Sven Grawunder

PostDoc research fellow

[speech scientist, phonetician]

Department of Linguistics
Max Planck Institut for evolutionary Anthropology (MPI EVA),
Leipzig, Germany

contact: grawunde_at_eva.mpg.de

short CV:

* 1990-1999 study of Speech Science, Phonetics, German Linguistics, Japanology at Halle University and Netherlands Studies and Central Asian Studies at Leipzig University
* 1992-1993 civilian service at the clinics for Otorhinolaryngology, University Halle
* 1998-1999 therapist work as speech pathologist/therapist
* 1999 diploma in speech science at Halle University
* 1999-2000 study of Medical Physics at Halle University
* 2000-2004 research associate at Institute for Speech Science & Phonetics, Halle University
* 2000-2004 team member of the ALTAI-SAYAN-LANGUAGE-and-ETHNOGRAPHY-PROJECT [ASLEP (TOFA)]
a DOBES Project funded by Volkswagen-Stiftung and hosted at MPI EVAN Leipzig
* 2006 PhD in Speech Science at Halle University
* 2005- postdoctoral researcher at MPI EVAN Leipzig

research interests:

* speaker & speaking variability and learning
* typoplogy of linguistic voice quality / phonation types and tonal feature composition
* dialectology, areal typology and (socio)linguistic accomodation
* ethnography and linguistic anthropology of endangered language communities
* phonetic lab work (EPG, EGG, ultrasound, aerodynamics)
* articulatory and physiological investigation in linguistic phonetic fieldwork (EPG, EGG, ultrasound, aerodynamics)
* human paralinguistic vocal behaviour and phonetics of throat singing, throat games, overtone singing

current research projects:

* phonetics and tonology of Ket [joint work with Ed Vaijda, U Washington]
* phonetic-phonemic variation in Vilela [joint work with Lucia Gallucio, U Buenos Aires]
* gemination and sibilants in Bangla (Bengali) [joint work with Arunkumar Ghosh, Burdwan University]
* phonetic description of Santali & Gata' (Munda languages in NE-India) [joint work with Arunkumar Ghosh, Burdwan University]
* Ingush, Dargi [initially joint work with Helma van den Berg(†)]
* phonetic description of Ghulfan [joint work wit Robert S. Williams, The American University in Cairo]
* Tsez, Beshtl'a [joint work with M. Khalilov (AcadSc Makhachkala, Daghestan), A. Abdulaev, I. Maddieson]
* Varieties of Tofa, Tuvan, Khakas [joint work with K. David Harrison, Swarthmore and Gregory D. Anderson]
* phonetics (phonation types, laryngeal-velar coordination) of Western !Xóõ [joint work with Christfried Naumann, MPI EVAN, Leipzig]
* prosodic and morphophonemic features in NE-Thuringian (Mansfelder Mundart) and N-Saxonian (Ostmeissnisch)[ongoing data collection and description, joint field work Christoph Walter]
* acoustic-phonetic correlates of rhythmic features [joint work with René Schiering, U Leipzig]


* Tuva 1998, 2000, 2001 (Tyvan)
* Khakassia 1998, 2000 (Khakas)
* Tofalaria 2001, 2002 (Tofa)
* Mongolia 2002 (varieties of Tyvan in Mongolia)
* Germany 2004, 2005, 2007 (Saxonian and Thuringian varieties of German)
* India 2006 (Santali, Gata', Bangla)
* Namibia 2006 (Western !Xóõ)


* Grawunder, S. (1999). Die Erforschung eines besonderen Stimmgebrauchs - Obertongesang versus Kehlgesang.
Unpublished Diploma, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Halle/S. (HTML-Version) (PDF)
* Grawunder, Sven. 2003. Comparison of Voice Production Types of ‘Western’ Overtone Singing
and South Siberian Throat Singing. Paper presented at 15th ICPhS, Barcelona.(PDF)
* Grawunder, Sven. 2003. Der südsibirische Kehlgesang als Gegenstand phonetischer Untersuchungen. In:
Gegenstandsauffassung und aktuelle Forschungen der halleschen Sprechwissenschaft, eds. Eva-Maria Krech and Eberhard Stock, 53-91. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. (Manuskript)
* Grawunder, Sven. 2006. On the Physiology of Voice Production in South-Siberian Throat Singing - Analysis of Acoustic and Electrophysiological Evidences.
PhD thesis, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Halle.
* Grawunder, Bose, Hertha, Trauselt, Anders (2006): Perceptive and acoustic measurement of average speaking pitch of female and male speakers in German radio news.
Proceedings of the Interspeech 2006 — ICSLP , Pittsburgh 9/2006 (PDF)

forthcoming papers:

* Grawunder, Bose : Perceptive measurement and self evaluation of average speaking pitch of female and male speakers in German radio news.
* Grawunder, Bose : Perception of average speeaking pitch and (F1-F0) formant relation.
* Grawunder, Ghosh : Preliminary Description of Gta' (Munda) phonetics.
* Grawunder, Ghosh : Initial Consonant Clusters and Sesquisyllabic Structure in Gta' (Munda, India)
* Grawunder : Homogeneity of rhythmic measures within a homogeneous corpus - retesting nPVI and %V / ΔC for various modes of speech
* Grawunder, Vajda : Prosodeme realisations in Ket (Yeniseic) - inter- and intra-speaker variability

talks & presentations:

* (11/2001) invited talk at Ehrenkolloquium in the honour of Prof. Eva Maria Krech : „Zur Ethnographie der paralinguistischen Eigenschaften des Sprechens“
* (06/2002) invited talk at Linguistics Dep. of Ulan-Baator University "Phonetic Features and Typology of South Siberian and Mongolian Throat Singing"
* (11/2002) invited talk at Berlin overtone singing festival "Throat-singing in South Siberia"
* (5/2003) Linguistisches Kolloquium at Halle University "Tofa - Documenation of an endangered language in Siberia"
* (8/2003) 15th ICPhS, Barcelona "A comparison of voice production types of 'western' overtone singing and South Siberian throat singing" (PPT, 2,5MB)
* (6/2004) "Dialektskizze der Mundart von Höhnstedt im Saalkreis" Seminar "Dialektgeographie des Deutschen", Germanistik, Uni-Halle (Handout)
* (5/12/2005) dissertation defense presentation "Zur Physiologie der Stimmproduktion im südsibirischen Kehlgesang" (PPT, 11MB)
* (1/2006) workshop at LSA meeting in Albuquerque "How to make good audio recordings in the field?" (PPT, 8MB)
* (6/2006) 19. Sprechwissenschaftliche Fachtagung 100 Jahre Fachgeschichte an der Universität Halle
"Charakterisierung des R-Lauts im Nordostthüringischen - ein Werkstattbericht" (PDF, 2,5MB)
* (9/2006) Ethnografie von Paralinguistika bei Sprach- und Dialektobsoleszenz. Jahrestagung der GAL 2006, Münster, Germany(Abstract PDF>)
* (11/2006) Akustische Analyse initialer Konsonant-Cluster und sesquisyllabischer Strukturen im Gta' (Süd-Munda, Indien). Workshop ZAS, Berlin
* (1/2007) Pharyngealized Prosodeme Quality in Ket (Yeniseic). Poster presentation at the LSA meeting in Anaheim, CA


* supervised diploma thesis:
o Franziska Blumtritt (2003) "Verschiedene Gesichtspunkte zum Problem 'Stimme bei Mann-zu-Frau-Transsexuellen'"
o Birgit Hertha (2005) "Auditive und akustische Untersuchungen zur den mittleren Sprechtimmlagen von Nachrichtensprechern im öffentlich-rechtlichen und privaten Rundfunk"
o Christoph Walter (presum. 2007) 'Phonetische Beschreibung der Umgangssprache in Blochwitz (Sachsen) [prelim. title]'
* seminars:
o phonetic segmental transcription (undergraduate level)(WS 2001/2; SS 2003)
o phonetic suprasegmental transcription (SS 2002; SS 2004) (undergraduate & graduate level)
o introduction to acouctic phonetics (undergraduate level) (SS2003)
o paralinguistic analysis (WS 2003/4, WS 2005/6) (graduate level)
o phonetic analysis (graduate level) (WS2002/3, SS 2005)
o experimental phonetics (graduate level)(WS 2004/5)
o pathophonetic analysis [clinical phonetics](WS 2001/2; SS 2005, WS 2006/7) (graduate level)
* courses
o Acoustic and prosodic analysis - Using Praat as a universal tool (University of Sonora, Hermosillo, Mexico)(8-12/1/2007)

scripts & stuff:

* TIPA cheat sheet ( draft version 0.1 )
* Table note-hertz-cent ( *.xls )

links (to my other websites):

* www.fonetik.de
* www.kehlgesang.de
* www.retikulum.net

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