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Comment by Skye Løfvander on April 10, 2014 at 5:13pm

I don't think sonoluminiscence is very relevant in this discussion but of course I recognize its existence.

Talking about peceiving wavelength or frequencies actually the concept of frequency in music did not crystalize before 1636 where Marin Mersenne measured a tone of 84 Hz. Before that time it would be much more obvious to relate to music as space ... (wave-) lengths.

We all agree that it is the frequency which is preserved when sounds are played in the water, causing the wavelength to rise.
The point is that no matter whether we listen through air or through water the relation of f x λ = v is indispensable.
f x λ = 1,481 m/s in water at 20 degrees C
f x λ = 343 m/s in atmospheric air at 20 degrees C.

So as the frequency remains, the wavelength rises 4.32 times if you drop your sound emitter in water.

The important point is, that the identity of the tone is composed by both time (frequency) and space (wavelength). It is rather dubious to claim that anything meaningful is obtained by looking solely at the frequency aspect.

I am all in for sensing wavelengths! Also in water!


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