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Harmonic throat singing recording artist/performer, instructor, author of 'The 8th Natural Wonder' - a book on throat singing, Guinness world record holder for the longest continuous vocal note. I'm passionate about the broad spectrum of throat singing and deeply concerned that it is endangered in so many of its traditional grounds. Throat singing is also central to my spiritual practices.
As a band we are:
Solo, in duo with Linda Laasi, in trio with Linda and crystal bowl player - Arrayah ...... Mia Mia Harmonic Choir, formerly with Aajinta, Soteria Bell and the Eternal Choir (which wasn't too eternal)
Many techniques of harmonic voice, didgeridoo, jaw harp, harmonic whirlie, native American flute, harmonica
Sounds of Nature and the nature of sounds and harmonic humans everywhere - I don't like to think in terms of 'influences', more as 'contributors' to my living songline. If so then David Hykes, Shu De, Tenores de Bidis, Sarah Hopkins, Gyuto Monks, Hun Hur Tu, Bruce Rogers, Peter Gleeson

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  • OMN

    Hello Dean,
    welcome in our new community. Thanks for finding and joining us. Hope you will enjoy this network. You find all informations how you can use this platform on my impressum page - videos and blogs.
  • Tran Quang Hai

    Dear Dean,
    Thanks for your mail. I haven't got any video of Dani throat singing . I got some audio recordings from a CD published in France . Because I haven't never been there to film this tribe .
    I was in Australia last february to attend a congress in Canberra and a lecture at Western Australian University in Perth.
    Hope to be back to Perth next year .
    Tran Quang Hai
  • Arjopa

    Dear Dean!!
    Thanx a lot for your friendship,here!!
    Your music is really wonderful!!

    Hope you like our Khoomei Throatsinging Country Punk,too!!

    Greetings from Berlin!!

    Arjopa & The Master U-like

  • David Hykes

    Hello Dean,
    Happy to discuss it.
    Just got your message.


  • Sarah Hopkins

    Thanks Dean ! I've been meaning to join for ages......
    I look forward to us meeting & singing together one day soon....
    Sonic Blessings, Sarah
  • Jens Mügge

    Hi Dean, thanks for your message.

    We are still in contact - always - which you can call a friendship of harmonics - and have you forgotten that I am receiving Dean's harmonic News? I am reading them always and thinking of you. I am doing also my own projects ... next week I will meet for example Hosoo ...

  • Jens Mügge

    Hi Dean,

    thanks for your response. It was really a special show. Hosoo, the mongolian throatsinger star in the german supertalent show of Dieter Bohlen etc.. This guy Dieter Bohlen was duet partner of Modern Talking and he made some jokes about Hosoo & Tsomoo that Hosoo could be the mongolian Modern Talking. I think he was speechless but had to talk something - the result is: just simple joky trash out his mouth. Bohlen comes from Lower Saxony like me, so this is only a flat kind of humour of a countryman :-)

  • Jens Mügge

    Hi Dean,

    I agree with you. This performance in front of a audience with 4000 and knowing that this show will be seen by 7 Million people in Germany was really tremendous. The next gig will be a live broadcast. Then Hosoo has a second change to win new fans. More than his performance I love the view into the faces of the audience. I am getting goose bumps if I see this video again and again. All the best,
  • Claudia

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Dean.

    Best wishes
  • Kirsten Kluin

    Thanks a lot, Dean for your comment!
    I love your songs too... ;-)!
    Lots of love,
  • Rowan

    Hey Dean, thanks for your comment! Thanks also for the tip on the weekend, been practicing singing softer, its helping me be relaxed and throat sing more naturally. Who is 'Jens' by the way? lol
  • Jens Mügge

    Hi Dean,

    tomorrrow I will be on a small island for some days. But sure I would prefer to be with you in Australia. Thanks a lot for introducing Rowan. I saw only that he is influenced by you and Huun Huur Tu, but to know he is a student makes it much more personal. I like your idea about Australia meets Europe I got some ideas considering next year. I like to think and meditate upon it before I will tell it you. Maybe you seen that I performed or I will perform with some friends in the next months ...

  • Rowan

    Hey man, today was a really cool experience, thanks so much!!

    I could really hear more depth and clarity in everyones overtone singing not to mention the character of everyones voices. Was great to listen to!

    Looking forward to more throat singing adventures! :)