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I have been studying (Mongolian) throat singing since 2007.

See my new project focusing on documenting traditional Mongolian vocal music on
tovshuur, Highland bagpipes, smallpipes, jew's harp, morin khuur

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  • Purevsuren Usukhjargal

    Hallo Rowan,

    thank you very much .

    Best Usukhu und khukhmongol music gruppe
    from Ingolstadt

    Hi Rowan, i hope you feel good. Next year we will play a Concert at 27.11 Niederland/Oost-Souburg - Razzmatazz 21:00. Hope maybe to see you again.

    Best regards Omid
  • Mongolian Music Blog

    Hi, Rowan, really rooting for your Footprints project... :-)