Joel Olivé

Manresa, Barcelona


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About me:
Musician, overtone music educator & musictherapist with traditional and classical music, working together with Dr. Peter & Heike Hess in Sound & Trance-Formation.
As a band we are:
SUR: Ethno Symphonic Orchestra
NADIS: Music for meditation.
Vocal (overtone -western and tuvan- and dhrupad)
Mouth Arp
Tanpura, Shruti box, Swar Mandal
Algosa (Double flute)
Traditional Yrdaki (Didgeridoo)
Tabla & Packhawaj
NadiSa, Djalu Gurruwiwi, Gundecha Brothers, Gurdjieff

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  • Martin Bläse

    Dear Joel,
    I can try to repair your singing bowl.
    But I can not promise that it works.
    Sometimes the crack after soldering is bigger than before.

    It costs 30, - to 50, - € and shipping.
    If I shoud try it, you find my adress on my Home-Page

    I can not say much about Balinese gongs.
    But I could show you how you can even forge a gong, which is similar to a Balinese Gong.
  • Ayla Roble

    M'agrada molt la teva musica, moltes graciès.
    Abraçadetas desde Madrid.
  • Ayla Roble

    Hola de nuevo, Joel. Soy la misma Ayla Roble a la que tuviste la amabilidad de responder en Agosto de 2011. Dejé está red y nunca llegué a visitar el sitio que me recomendaste : espaimandala com. Creo que la página ya no existe. O cambiaron el dominio? Tal vez un día de estos puedas indicarme, gracias por adelantado.