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Québec, Qc


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Indie prog rocker, leader of Poligraf.

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  • Jens Mügge

    Welcome Christopher! It seems that you are very engaged in politicial causes. Kudos! ... and thanks for being here.
    All the best and may all beings be happy,
    Yours Jens
  • Jens Mügge

    Hoi Chris! - thanks for your comment or better your feedback about my music. I listen each kind of music - and your music reminds me a little bit at the music by Eloy - a german band from the 70ties - but only the instrumental parts of your music. If you do not know which band i mean you can check out this video on YouTube. - A classical song by Eloy is On The Road ... or Up and Down

    I wish you joy here on OMN - and I have seen on Ning as well. Have fun and let me know how I can help maybe to Stop Tar Sands Development! It reminds me as well at some activities in my youth in Osterode am Harz where we could stop the destruction of a karst landscape with many karst caves. But the cause of Tar Sands Development seems to be bigger ...
  • OMN

    Hey Chris,

    I add this comment only here to your page because it will appears now in your twitterfeed? Your status applications is sometimes not working so maybe you try the Twitter Tracker. I added this app to my admin page. Thanks for all your tipps and thanks to be a a little a co-worker - I am learning some new stuffs. Hard to do that but very useful. Just installed the twitterfeed for one of my twitters. Happy New Year!
  • Lorenzo Pierobon

    hello Christopher, jens mùgge told me that you could help me spread this event TUNE THE WORLD on ipeace

    it would be a great help for us. thanks in advance
  • Lorenzo Pierobon

    do not worry Christopher, all you can do is welcome. thanks in advance
  • Lorenzo Pierobon

    yes....KC , fripp...belew, michael brook......
  • Ayla Roble


  • wolfman

    dear christopher,

    thank you for beeing omn-friends. i wish you all the best for your musical career.

    with king regards