Steve Sklar


Minneapolis, MN

United States

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Mult-instrumentalist, vocalist/throat-singer, sound healer, teacher

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Guitar, didgeridoo, Himalayan metalophones (Tibetan singing bowls, etc.), igil, gongs, sruti, jaw harp, etc...

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  • Nicolas MOREAU

    Hi Steve, i've listen to your Duet with John Pascuzzi on youtube, it's a wonderful music ! Is the Dvd available ? or maybe a CD ? i haven't find it on the web.

    thank you
  • Steve Sklar

    Thanks, Nicolas. Not yet; it's out of our hands. But, I'm told they're now working on the cd...
  • Johannes Lind

    dear Steve,

    thank you very much for your great tutorials. They helped me a lot! Hope to meet you one day in real life.
    best regards from Germany,