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About me:
Started overtone singing in 1998. Concert arranger, co-founder of Danish and Scandinavian Overtone Networks.
Primarily interested in the non-electronical sides of music, world music and classical traditions.
I devote much of my time at developing graphic maps of the essential structures in music.
Site in English:
As a band we are:
Subtle Voices:
Dhrupad singer Ashish Sankrityayan, overtone singer Skye Løfvander
Shohreh Shahrzad, daf; Mikkel Hornnes, multiinstrumentalist; Skye Løfvander, vocals
Simple Sounds:
Anders Nordin, kyotaku & Skye Løfvander, vocals
Vocals, flutes, swarsangam, monochord, singing bowls, accordion, trumpet
Gregorian, byzantine, Middle East, Scandinavian folk songs, Inuit, Samic yoik, Indian

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  • Jens Mügge

    Hello Skye,

    welcome to OMN - Overtone Music Network and thank you for sharing your knowledge in Tonation, Overtone Singing and more ...

    Stay tuned,

  • Fabio Keiner

    entrancing, mind lifting and simply magical ! thanks for singing and breathing... it's pure delight to listen!
  • Barbara Lübben

    Hello Skye,
    thanks! Yes i should name Walhalla in "sounds and resonance..." Will do it next days...
    Nice to hear you
  • Marteinn Bjarnar Thordarson

    Thanks for connecting!
    Nice to meet you again Skye.. Met you once at Daniel Sedona's place in Copenhagen for few years ago.. Experienced a performance with you as well in some church in Kbh :)
    Greetings and blessings to you always :):)
  • Karin Höghielm

    Hello Skye. jag har spelat in i Lau kyrka på Gotland.
    Jag arbetar med ett lånsigtigt stemmeprojekt där sedan 2007 för stemme och klanginstrument.
    Ha det fint
    MVH K
  • Werner Worschech

    hi skye,
    thanks for connecting and welcome to my circle of friends!

    best wishes,
  • fiona rueggeberg

    i enjoy Your voice : )
    thank You!

  • Daniel Pircher

    beautiful sounds Thanx!!!

  • Jan Heinke

    hey skye, thanks for connecting us and for your beautiful music here. hope you're fine. actually i'm occupied by different projects but hope for more time to communicate soon.
    all the best, jan
  • Kasper Søeborg Ohlsen

    Hej Skye !
    Tak , Tibet er en utrolig oplevelse. Flot side du har fået lavet dig!
    Jeg er stadig ved "bare at finde ud af hvordan det fungerer" her er mange intessante sider. Er der noget du vil anbefale udover Nordisk Forum?
    Knuz Kasper
  • Ann-Charlotte Magnusson

    Hej, Skye och tack!

    Jag ser fram emot allt spännande som man kan utforska i detta forum! Din sång är mycket vacker!

    Varma hälsningar
    Ann-Charlotte Magnusson
  • malene bichel

    Hej Skye
    Spændende univers herinde. -og Stort:-)
  • Arjopa

    Dear Sky!
    Thanx a lot for your OMN friendship!
    Your music is just wonderful!

    Hope you like our Khoomei Throatsinging Folk Rock,too!

    Greetings from Berlin!
    Arjopa & The Master U-like

  • Max Brumberg

    Hello Skye, thank you for your map of the acoustic power places, it helped me to find the tegner's museum. i was lucky it was opened and so i could have a very beautiful sound experience there singing harmonics, playing my fujara and satara flutes.. for future times i know that you live close, going to contact you and may be then we can have some time togehter.. this time i was there with chris klie, he knows you..
  • Gisbert Schürig

    I read some of your explanations on the sound/color relationship which I consider really sophisticated. Cool.
  • Bernhard Hanreich

    Hi Skye
    Jens gave me the link to your map soundplaces,.. I started a new group Overtone Music locations and my Idea is to creat a map like yours but for locations that present overtonemusic. How did you do your map can you help me or post one in the group?