Johanni Curtet


Rennes (or in Mongolia)


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About me:
Ethnomusicologist, Ph.D., specialist of mongolian höömij
Associate researcher at University of Rennes 2, France
Höömij teacher
Musician, höömij and throat singer
Artistic Director of Routes Nomades' association
As a band we are:
-Höömij with Tserendavaa & Tsogtgerel since 2006
-Meïkhâneh (trio)
-Urbi & Orbi band
Höömij, Harhiraa, Throat singing, Guitare, Tovshuur, Dombra, Garaya, some Percussions, and some Guimbardes
Mongolian and Tuva "traditionnal" musics, Titi Robin, Lo'jo, Ali Farka Touré, Vincent Segal...

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  • Tran Quang Hai

    Cher Johnni,
    Je suis content que tu sois membre de l'Overtone Music Network.
    Tu connaitras d'autres musiciens qui pratiquent le chant diphonique et d'autres compositeurs .
    Il y a pas mal d'articles sur mon blog . Tu peux le visiter .
    Tran Quang Hai
    PS: Je te verrai le jeudi 17 avril 2008
    N'oublie pas de mettre une photo de toi sous ta page : Johanni Curtet's page
  • Rowan Lee Hartsuiker

    Hey Johanni,

    how are you?

    I tried to meet you with Andrew Colwell last July in Ulaanbaatar,

    unfortunately you were too busy with work. We surely meet next time!

    Greetings from Holland,



  • Patrick Housby

    Hello Johanni,

    Pleased to make your digital acquaintence! You do very interesting work, thanks for your efforts! I hope our common interests make this connection more than worthwhile. Talk to you later.