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Czech Republic

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I am member of Overtonechoir SPEKTRUM (Prague, CZ).
I am also member of European Overtone Choir.
my voice
Wolfgang Saus(DE), Stuart Hinds(USA), Christian Zehnder(SWZ), Baird Hersey and PRANA (USA), Sarah Hopkins (AU), Oli Bahadurova (CZ), Christian Bollmann(DE), Chris Amrhein (Austria), Avalona Y. Doritz, Claudiha Gayatri Matussek, Miro Grosser(DE), Dana Gita Ztratil (Switzerland) ...

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  • daniel namkhay

    Hello Brother of sounds...Sorry for dont answer before but..Im travelling and playing all the time....Im really happhy in be in touch with very special musicians like Bollmann, Wolfang Saus....and many others....I wiil reeally love of play AGAIN in PRAGA SOON !!! I wiil make prayers for return soon ! ALOHA !! Your friend Namkhay
  • Anna-Maria Hefele

    thank you very much for your kind comment :-))
    i called it work in progress, because i thougt, it is not ready, but i don't know up to now how to continue...i have something else like this, i will send you ;-)
    have a nice day and a great time!
  • kiva simova

    Yes, Ebb and Flow was performed by EOC in September 2011. They did it quite a bit slower than Auralia. I know it was recorded, so now I will ask again if I can get it.