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South Pasadena, CA

United States

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I am working with a team to develop a Resonance Chamber and sound gardens for extraordinary experiences through sound. The chamber is in the lineage from caves to cathedrals. Currently I offer people 3D acoustic sound immersion experiences (one on one) which involves three distinct sound environments (The Zone, Voice Chamber, Vibration Station)
each with two or three different one-of-kind sound generators. It took about 10 years to develop. I have have had three primary teacher/mentors
and along the way I invented the Voice Chamber and Sound Sabres (see instruments). The Sound Chamber will provide a way for groups of people to experience this special form of sound immersion. The Chamber acts an instrument itself.
As a band we are:
Alan Tower and Free Energy

12 CD's available at
SoundStone - Germany
Huaca - Peru/US
Voice Chamber - US
Sound Sabres
Hang/Halo - Switzerland/US
Carbon Agave Horn - South Africa
Peter Gabriel
Mark Deutsch
W.A. Mathieu
Dr. Jamie Hopkins
Bart Hopkin
Barry Hall
Seth Horowitz

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