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A blog dedicated to promoting Mongolian music and culture
Morin khuur, yatga, khel khuur, shanz, khuuchir, limbe
Khoomii, urtin duu, shamanism

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    Sain baina uu?
    Ta buhend uralgiin undur amjilt husie.
    Sedaa hamtalgiin hamt olon.
  • Jens Mügge

    Hi Ninjin, I am busy with so much internet stuff because the provider of this network releases one new improvement after another that i have to read and try to understand all these changes. And in the last time and took part at two festival - first I gave a workshop in Dan Moi and then I was helper at Dan Moi's Ancient Trance Festival - nice life. So and you are back in Guatemala. I like this country since i heard from it in the 80th of the last century. Hope you are fine ... all the best to you ... and I was and I am really lucky that I met you in UB. Bye, Jens
  • Rowan Lee Hartsuiker

    hey my dear friend ;)