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Brisbane, Queensland


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I'm passionate about creating music which uplifts & inspires people. In addition to performing my muisc worldwide I run 'Holistic Music Workshops' & 'Sacred Sound Events' which empower others to Live their Dreams. I've worked & toured professionally since 1980 & have represented Australia at many international Festivals & events. My music is available on many CDs & printed scores - available from . The Harmonic Whirlies : celestial sounding musical instruments I've created which EVERYONE can play are available from
When I'm not composing & performing you'll find me out walking on the beach opposite my clifftop home in Shorncliffe, Brisbane !
As a band we are:
'Sacred Sound - Performance Journey'
- Sarah Hopkins (cello, overtone singing, Harmonic Whirlies, Choirchimes)
- Chris Neville ( didgeridoo, Harmonic Whirlies, overtone singing, percussion )
In addition to overtone singing I play Cello, Harmonic Whirlies (celestial sounding instruments I've created ), Choirchimes & percussion. I collaborate with other musicians playing Didgeridoo, Shakuhachi, orchestras & choirs
I was trained as a classical cellist & composer & began composing when I was 16. I first heard overtone singing (sung by Michael Vetter) in 1981 in a park in Bremen & it changed my life ! From then on most of my music has included overtones (on cello, voice, Harmonic Whirlies, didgeridoo, Choir, Orchestra & Choirchimes ).My music is also inspired by 'world music'.

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  • Claudia

    Beautiful song,"Remember The Joy ~ Life Is Sacred"! Thank you!
  • Filip Rydlo

    Hello, dear Sarah.
    I Love Australia sooo much!
    I also Love AURALIA ;)

    We had once a concert in K4 (student club) and someone have mispelled our name on the wallpapers as:
    Australia !

    So, for that day, we were Australia :-)))
  • Harmonic Introductions

    Greetings, Sarah!
    We are an overtone singing ensemble based in the Washington D.C. metro area. We are currently transitioning into a non-profit performance and education driven organization. We put on a wide variety of concerts, workshops, vocal meditations, and have had the pleasure of teaching and working with a local university choir when they performed your piece, "Past Life Melodies". It'd be wonderful to get in touch with you about your work and explore possibilities of performing your music in the future!

    -Robb Saffell (co-founder & director)