Overtone Singing Techniques

There are many ways to produce vocal overtones. It depends by the structure of our vocal tract - tongue, cavities, ... - and our sensitiveness. We could explain our technique here.
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  • Filip Rydlo

    Re: Low Kargyraa

    In reply to Giovanni Bortoluzzi :

    Just extend the range and extension of normal vocal and the "HALF" frequencies will go along with it (at least it did in my experience). :-)

    My master-teacher Wolfgang Saus would surely tell You more details, but this is what I know from him - what You can do to improve the vocal range and extension behind Your low limits:
    1. You can train the vocal folds to be stronger and thus heavier. You can perhaps do this in several ways I think. Either You can sing every day for some 15 minutes or more very loud in Your most natural pitch (but still within the safety limit - extension). Or You can learn and practice for example Laughter-Yoga. Once I started to sing on FULL power, I really started to get also to lower tones. But it takes some usually some 1 or two years.
    2. You can relax vocal folds more and even more for example by practicing meditation and singing mantras. This will also help them to vibrate slower with time (also confirmed in my experience).
    3. Before the performance, You can do a really powerful and thorough warmup - which will bring more blood into the vocal cords making them heavier... (and I would add : lay on the floor or carpet for a few minutes - to make them even more heavy if needed). :)
    Wolfgang said the warmup can add an additional 1 or 2 tones lower in the extension!

    This is all I know. Good luck and have fun! :-)

    *May all beings be happy*

  • Giovanni Bortoluzzi

    Thank you very much Filip! Very precious informations you gave me. :-)

  • Giovanni Bortoluzzi

    Hi everyone! I'm searching for a strohbass tutorial on the internet, anyone kind enough to suggest me a link or some other informations? Thanks! Gio