Hall of Fame?

So... if there was a Throat-singing/Overtone singing Hall of Fame, who should be in it, and why?

(I mean besides Arthur Miles)
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    Steve Sklar

    Hi Marco,

    I would like to see a "3-d" facility that serves as an educational and multicultural hub or center for all types of throat-and-overtone singing. Part of such a place would be an area honoring the most significant, important, and influential artists, and other relevant and related people such as researchers, musicians, authors and perhaps other popularisers, etc. Here we often call such an entity an "Hall of Fame." Ideally, an international panel would be charged with nominations and inclusions.

    I imagine this place to be in Kyzyl, possibly associated with the Tuvan National Museum. Of course, some form of web presence would be good, and expected, but again for me the main idea is as described above.

    I understand that English is not Marco's or many others' native tongue, and I've tried to be clear and succinct. But, perhaps someone could provide translations of this topic for those who need it?

    Dean, again I see this as a "big tent" approach. ALL types of TS and OS included. I may be wrong, but while there are many cultures involved, which should be included, they don't all necessarily have individuals who might rate being honored as Hall of Fame inductees.

    Even among Tuvans and Mongolians, the best known of the TS regions, the first nominees would likely be represented at first by, say (arbitrarily, and only to make my point).

    An initial listing might include:

    Tuva: Soruktu Kyrgys, Kombu Ondar, Xunashtaar-ool Oorzhak, Gennadi Tumat, Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, etc. Groups such as Tuva Ensemble, HHT, Chirgilchin...

    Mongolia: Sundui, Sengedorj, Tserendaava, Odsuren, Hosoo, etc...

    OS: Arthur Miles, David Hykes, Michael Vetter, etc...

    Academics: Ted Levin, Zoya Kyrgys, Valentina Suzukei, Tran Quang Hai...

    So, those are just a few examples that spring to mind, and others as well.


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    Marco Tonini

    Thanks Steve,

    can be a good idea to create a poll? Otherwise to create a list, each OMN member can suggest an own list about (as you wrote): academics, researchers, singers, performers, better if divided for sections, OS, TS, Western Style, ..., ...

    Or divided for countries, regions, nationalities.
    For example: "What are, in your opinion, the most rilevant pioneers about OS in your country?"

    For other questions just replace some words, pioneers with performers, and OS with TS, or other
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    Skye Løfvander

    Hello famefans!
    These days where all overtone singers are pocket gurus enlightening the world that tone, colour, planets, chakras etc is all the same soup I think it is really necessary to draw the attention to the few researchers who have gone a little deeper in to the exploration of the nature of harmonics - also on a theoretical level:
    Hans Jenny
    Hans Kayser

    And a long line of ancients:
    Jing Fang

    And renaissance: