Fujara Flute Bag

Hey friends, I'm going to be receiving my first Fujara very soon and I'd like to have a carrying bag. Since I will be traveling, I'd like something that can resist the elements and protect it.

Preferably I would like to have something I can order in Canada or have help with a design to make one.
My flute is an F at about 200cm and separates into two pieces. Any help would be rad. Thank yah!

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    Marco Trochelmann


    Thank you, Daniel, nice to hear that!

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    Daniel Shaw

    Thank you Leonoor :) Thanks for the photos and explanation. I'll keep that design in mind :)

    Leonoor said:

    We are the living group Contact & muziek from the Netherlands http://http://www.contactmuziek.nl/. One of my housemates Erik made for our self made bambooflutes http://www.contactmuziek.nl/music-videos-bamboo-flute.html with poster tubes, carton rol, a beautiful bag with a carrying strap. He made it beautiful with coloured paper and paste plastic. Isolated with aluminium, but maybe you can make something with wool.

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    Daniel Shaw

    Thank you Rami. I'll check it out :)

    RAMI SHAAFI said:

    Hello Daniel,
    This is a website of our friend Jan Sulik, we have a travel fujara from him since 2005 and love it, actually we will be playing it tonight in concert in Bratislava.
    He also makes cases for travel fujaras too.
    Here is the link: http://fujara-sk.sk/ponuka-nastrojov/prenasanie-fujary/
    We are wishing you lots of pleasure with your new instrument.
    Love and Blessings
    Rami and Ivana