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the other day i was on the way from berlin to stendal, on the way i saw an abbey and i felt i should have a little stop there...
i asked for making music in there and the guardian invited me to come, he showed me some rooms and we jammed, me singing harmonics with him playing a blues harp..
later when i was singing in the abbey church the suddenly came more harmonics from somewhere....
it was a brilliant singer from north of spain, living in north germany now.. he is specialized in gregorianic chants, giving concerts and a wonderful overtone singer... remembering our singing i still feel very touched.. life is magick ;-)
he also showed me a room we would call Sakristei in german ... very special sound!!
so if you are neer visit it!!

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Hi Max, beautiful photos and location ... I will check it out next spring time Kloster Jerichow it's closer to Stendal and Brandenburg an der Havel ... - possible to visit this monastery with my bicycle because it is only about 120 km from Berlin. - best, Jens
This is indeed what life is all about. Happy cheers to sound adventurers who defy gravity and un-natural human social constraints.
A few years ago I did a workshop with David Hykes.Immediately afterwards I drove hundreds of kilometres to Provence and l'Abbaye du Thoronet where he recorded Hearing Solar Winds.

Phew! Acoustics? Utopia!

This was also an extraordinary place to sing.Not saying where but can you guess what........ :)
Heaven, how beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Devaki

Om Namah Shivaya
This photo is awesome. Maybe :) you sang overtones in that stairway hall (to heaven)
Yes! It is the inside of a lighthouse (Leuchtturm) in France.

Sang overtones WITH a master didgeridoo player,fantastic :)
Great! It looks like a spiral (inside) of a conch shell horn ...
Beautiful place for meditation... Good idea sharing it with us, thank you!

Thank you for sharing this. I'll definitely visit when I am in that part of the world.

Here in Oslo, Norway we have a place with about 40-45 seconds reverb. It is the former atelier, now mausoleum and museum of painter Emanuel Vigeland, and is increasingly used for concerts, especially by overtone musicians. You can read about this place here:

I have also played there several times with my own band, and on one occasion we recorded the whole
(sound file links at bottom of page)
Hello Thomas,
Naturally I have included Vigelandsmuseet in the discussion 'Nordic Sound Temples' inside this group 'Sound and Resonance at Power Places'.
Also do check out the Acoustic Power Spot world map with all the entries of this group:

I have to visit the Vigelandsmuseet as one of the Nordic Power & Sound Places


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