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My favourite power place here in Berlin is the Grunewald. It is a lovely place on the world. With the S Bahn in direction to Potsdam you have to leave the train S 9

at Station Grunewald ...here is a map how you can find the Ökowerk

My favourite path is through the forest beside a pond ...

if you leave the pond - inside of a big sandpit ...

you will walk along the Teufelssee, a wonderful pool for naked swimming and will arrive to the Ökowerk. I gave some short gigs there - together with Dieter Wienand and July 30th 2008 I recorded together with Max Fürth my CD Klangmeditationen - Sound Meditations. Here is a photo with Dieter live in the water tank of the Ökowerk Grunewald. That's one of the best sound and resonance place which I know.

But the Ökowerk is also a Power Place! In summertime on each sunday you can sit there and drink coffee, tea, linonade - just for a while. They have different gardens, small ponds with frogs and lotus blossoms - children are playing there and more like this kind of easy living. If you come to Berlin ... you to see and feel this wonderful garden of Eden in the Ökowerk in Grunewald. by the way if you are searching a hill in Berlin you have two possibities. On the one hand you can enjoy the Viktoriapark. On the other hand - here near the Ökowerk you can walk down to the Trümmerberg or Teufelsberg. Both names are for the same hill ...

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they are so beautiful, indeed ~
thank you for sharing, Jens !



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