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I know,
most of us manage workshops, lectures, private lessons about overtones and voice, and it is right we ask a fee to partecipate.
It is a free network, and nobody ask to disclose own vocal secrets, but ...
I think there are many experts but many novices too, or people that try to learn something.
I'd like this space is used to attract more overtone lovers, so it would be adequate to write our feelings, experiences, something about technique, theory, ...
It can be a nice way to keep close beginners.

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Thanks Steve, behind the question »have we fear to share« is exactly that point for me: is there a reason to invest time and effort or is it better to switch this site into a private group without any moderation and administrative control ? What I mean with private group can you see here (but by the way inside of this group there is a good flow of discussions and input.

@Wolfman: I have no problems to share something with other people. It is the way of sharing. I can forward my efforts in running a blog and not a web 2.0 community. And sure: I haven't fear. Just about those who are indifferent/ lackadaisical.

Happy 2010!

I agree, Jens, the Javier question is a good question, but it could be interesting for a public discussion, not private.
I've replied to the thread at http://www.overtone.cc/forum/topics/differences-between-kargyraa?xg...

If there's interest, we can discuss further.


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