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So... if there was a Throat-singing/Overtone singing Hall of Fame, who should be in it, and why?

(I mean besides Arthur Miles)

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... that's a good question. My answer is Demetrio Stratos
I second Arthur Miles!
Oorjak Huunashtar-ool and Kaigal-ool, would get my votes, too.
it is a good idea. But not only throatsinging, but also with instruments. Make a worldwide festifal from it...!
With a musikally light- and hart greeting.
Hans Uijleman (Holland)
sorry guys, talking about overtones in terms of fame sounds a bit strange to me ;-)
of course, it's interesting to put a handful of picked and influential people together
to overview diversity and history. but how to name xhosa women or musicians from papua?
they also very belong to this collection. or perhaps it's just too early?

anyway, beside all others i would suggest karlheinz stockhausen.
best, jan
Wow, responses! Anyway, there's more to my notion; as I wrote to an official in Tuva:

" I've been thinking there should be such a facility somewhere, and with my ties to Tuva and it's place as one of the true centers of this vocal art, naturally thought it might be a good match. Might be a nice auxiliary of the new National museum. or independent. I remember from my trips in '95 and 2001 that there was nothing really seeming to promote khoomei; even police on the street that we would ask for directions to the Khoomei Center just gave us blank looks. Perhaps that's changed, I don't know. I've shared the idea with some others in the worldwide throat/overtone singing community and await more feedback.

But, I need to be very clear that for me to be involved that it be inclusive of other TS cultures, and of "western" overtone singers as well, and that it would ideally house some exhibits with recordings, photos, videos, other related educational, historic and culturally relevant information, in addition to areas that would house whatever form the tribute to inductees would take.

To me, the idea of such a "Hall of Fame" is largely to promote the arts of throat-and-overtone singing, in part by honoring deserving "star performers" and the other categories that I mentioned (open to all throat and overtone singers, if notable/important/influential (and related scholars, educators, promoters) not just Tuvans? Of course, I suggest openness.). If that is inclusive, as I described, it would lend some international credibility, and it would be easier to get support both financial and otherwise, as opposed to just including Tuvans. It would give others a feeling that they have a direct interest. Perhaps such an international approach would even give a boost to Tuvan peoples' esteem, too, as well as creating attention elsewhere and perhaps having a positive effect on tourism (if that's desirable?)."

Anyway, I'd love more ideas and feedback, but am flying to PA to teach for a few days. Back next week.


I think the idea is a good one. From a worldwide perspective our art is so little known and celebrated and many of those who do know of it have misconceptions about it. And unlike other arts, such as the beautiful Japanese bamboo flute the shakuhachi, there is no recognition system of mastery. To me our art is the most amazing and under-rated of the arts. Anything that positively promotes and educates about throat/overtone singing to a wider audience should be embraced.
yes steve and dean, it sounds convincing. and perhaps it leads to a more systematical approach than just a, let's say, ancestral gallery. would be nice to have a worldwide working society anytime wich runs concerts and research, bundles related activities, collects compositions, articles, music, compares educational, mathematical, physical systems aso. but yet overtone singing is a young phenomenon in western cultures with less social impact. for now we have to consider, most of all the misconceptions about it belong to it's own foremost appearance or attitude. it seems we have to be patient. every step is welcome. and we already have this nice network.
Hi Steve, thanks a lot for your elucidation - I mean giving us more informations about your idea with a Hall of Fame. I think Mongolia and Tuva are interesting to honour their own culture or heroes. To bring the idea and conception about diphonic singing to a wider audience is fantastic. I think there are some milestones in the western style of overtone singing. For example Karl Heinz Stockhausens composition »Stimmung&laqu; or David Hyles publication of »Hearing Solar Winds« or »Cantare la Voce« by Demetrio Stratos. There are other milestones which I can't mentioned yet. - I am on a vacation and have only limited access to the internet. Best, Jens
I agree with you Dean: Anything that positively promotes and educates about throat singing, overtone singing and harmonic chant to a wider audience should be really embraced.
... maybe it could be a hall of fame for extraordinary human vocal styles ? Karlheinz Stpckhausen is a good choice. I suggest Joachim-Ernst Berendt for his publications » The World Is Sound: Nada Brahma: Music and the Landscape of Consciousness « and the book »The Third Ear: On Listening to the World «
Hello Girilal,

thanks a lot for your suggestions.

Arthur Miles with his Lonely Cowboy 1 and Lonely Cowboy 2 are great contributions to our world of overtones and should be mentioned in a hall of fame.

All the best,

It could actually be a lot easier than we think. The Hall of Fame could be a cyber Hall of Fame. In other words we don't necessarily need a physical hall to have a Hall of Fame. In fact it would potentially reach more people if it was impressively presented on the net. I would hope such an innovation would be devoted only to overtone/throat singing. Surely our under-appreciated art deserves this much.

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