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Cousto: "The Cosmic Octave"

"The Cosmic Octave - Origin of Harmony" by Hans Cousto;
LifeRhythm, Mendocino USA

This book offers a unique survey of a new scientific view of the world where a direct relationship has been proven to exist between musical tones, colors and the vibrations of the universe.

The natural formula of the Cosmic Octave makes it possible to openly demonstrate the direct relationship of astronomical data, such as the frequencies of planatery orbits, to architectural works, ancient and modern measuring systems, the human body, music and medicine.

Today the Cosmic Octave is the basis for many holistic medical applications. It is origin to natural planetary tones, which directly correlate to the earth's natural life frequencies. These are utilized, for instance, in tone acupuncture using planetary tuning forks.

Perception - A Form of Resonance
The Law of the Octave
The Frequency of an Earth Day
The Frequency of an Earth Year
The Frequency of a Platonic Year
The Frequency of the Moon
The Frequency of the Sun

Listing of resources
Evidence explaining scientific ramifications and formulas

Revised Edition 2000; 142 pages, 45 illustrations, including scientific appendix.
published by LifeRhythm, Mendocino USA.

An Import in Europe is available at Planetware
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