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I started in workshop at Haapavesi by Boris Salchak and after that we started Finnish Throatsinging Society ( Organized few festivals and numerous workshops in Finland. Visited Tuva three times. Now I am retired from society and keep on xöömii.
As a band we are:
Cedip Tur, Shumuul
Learning all the time Tuvan and Mongolian instruments and few western string instruments
Huun Huur Tu, Transmongolia, Tom Waits and many others

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  • Arjopa

    Dear Sauli!!
    Thanx a lot for your friendship,here!!
    Your music is really great & your site here,too!!

    Hope you like our Khoomei Throatsinging Country Punk,too!!

    Greetings from Berlin!!

    Arjopa & The Master U-like

  • Arjopa

    Hey Guys!!
    What´s the big deal??
    Here an advice from me, an professioell Khoomeiji with around 50 concerts a year:

    Sauli is absolutly right!!
    If you do a propper Tuvan ( or perhabs even mongol ) Khoomei, like me,
    it is like singing Rock´n´n Roll - take the good old SM 58 - Yeah!!

    That´s also what all professionell Tuvan Khoomeiji, like my friends :Albert Kuvezin, Mongün-ool Ondar, Gendos & Radik Tulush use, and what is offert by most of the big concert halls worldwide.

    Khoomei Folk Punk Greetings from Berlin!!
    Arjopa & The Master U-like

  • Skye Løfvander

    Der er her på OMN oprettet et Nordisk Forum under 'Groups'
    Her er intro-teksten:
    Med syngende vingefjer og skrigende halse flyver fem svaner (+ Åland, Grønland & Færøerne) på opdagelse i overtoners univers. Sigtet er det samme som det overordnede netværk men sproget skandinavisk og fokus på nordiske temaer og begivenheder.