Kolja Simon

45, Male



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About me:
Felix and me we founded 2006 "AlienVoices".
We are a tecno-throatsing-duo with electronic beats.

As a band we are:
Dead Kennedys, Hooso, Huun-Huur-Tu, Klaus Nomi, Chigilchin, AlienVoices...

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  • Sarah Hopkins

    Hi Kolja,
    Thanks for connecting with me....via the sound waves ! Sorry for my delay in responding...I've been away on a couple of big Performing tours...
    I've enjoyed listening to your overtone singing : beautiful !
    I look forward to meeting you in person one day. Sonic Blessings, Sarah
  • Candida Valentino

    Hi Kolja, hope you and your Alien voices are well and creatively harmonicallly flowing.
    We have some new songs now which are on our new CD Chintamani.
    Will be playing in Turin with our teacher Tserendavaa at end of October.
    Be well

  • Heidi Lieser

    Thank you, Kolja.It is nice to meet you here!