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Recent Active Members

Recent Active Members 

1 Bernhard Mikuskovics

Bernhard Mikuskovics

Vienna, Austria

2 Marc Drost

Marc Drost

Den Haag, Netherlands

3 Johanni Curtet

Johanni Curtet

Rennes (or in Mongolia), France

4 Martin Bläse

Martin Bläse

Neustadt, Holstein, Germany

5 josef löber

josef löber

Konstanz, Germany

6 Giovanni Bortoluzzi

Giovanni Bortoluzzi

treviso, Italy

7 db pedersen

db pedersen

Madison, WI, United States

8 Willi Grimm

Willi Grimm

Bern, Switzerland

9 Daniel Perret

Daniel Perret

Dordogne, SW France, European Union

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Patrick Housby replied to the discussion 'Igil, Doshpuluur, and Morin Khuur Construction'
"I have begun friends! The decision of igil construction has been made. That particular instrument I…"
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